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Sergei eisenstein


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Sergei eisenstein

  1. 1. Sergei Eisenstein The Montage Theory
  2. 2. Eisenstein’s early years• January 23rd 1898 - February 11th 1948• He was born in Riga, Latvia but his family moved frequently in his early days.• Eisenstein came from a middle-class family. His father was an architect and his mother was the daughter of a prosperous merchant.• In 1920 he moved to Moscow and began his career in theatre.• He was a pioneer in the use of “montage”, he argued that montage was the essence of the cinema.
  3. 3. What is a Montage? The process of selecting,editing and piecing togetherseparate sections of film toform a continuous whole.Eisenstein believed that filmmontage could create ideas orhave an impact beyond theindividual images2 or more images editedtogether create a “tertiumquid” (third thing) that makesthe whole greater than the sumof individual images.
  4. 4. For Example Eisensteins greatest demonstration of“the power of the montage” comes inhis “odessa steps” sequence of his1925 film “battleship potemkin”The montage allows Eisenstein tomanipulate the audiences perception oftime by stretching out the crowds flightdown the steps for 7 minutes, severaltimes longer than in real life.
  5. 5. Another example would be the famoussequence involving a runaway babycarriage show Eisenstein using montageto arouse emotion amoung the filmsaudience.