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My school magazine


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Published in: News & Politics, Education
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My school magazine

  1. 1. My school magazine.
  2. 2. This is the front cover of my school based magazine. Throughout the whole page I have used a consistent house style by using the green and white. As well as this he background has these colours also which overall makes the magazine look more effective and realistic. I have stuck to the main conventions of magazines, by using the left third for most of the coverlines. These coverlines are also relevant to the magazine eg. “a fresh start, a new uniform” The main picture itself is relevant and useful to the magazine as the picture is of the students head and shoulders, giving us a better focal point for the picture as we can just look at the students face without our attention being drawn to other objects in the picture. I have aimed the main target audience at parents of students at the school. This is because I believe parents would be more inclined to read the magazine. As well as this, by having parents as my target audience, there is a wide range of coverlines that can be used to relate to parents.
  3. 3. This is the contents page for my school based magazine. I have used the same, consistent house style as the front cover as this is following the simple conventions of magazine. I think the colour green goes really well with my background picture, which is an appropriate image for a school based magazine. All of my storylines are relevant to the purpose of the magazine e.g. “Kirsten Brown goes to Cambridge!” I believe this is suitable to the target audience as parents would want to see that students from this school will go far in life. These storylines are also easy to red and I have used vocabulary that would be easy to understand for all ages, so that, although my target audience is for parents, students would be able to read the stories that interest them. A disadvantage to this page, is that my contents page hasn't been broken into categories for what each article is about. This is something I can develop in my music magazine My pictures at the side that I have used are also relevant to the context of this magazine. Each picture shows a student of the school either doing work or in certain areas of the school. This could give the impression to the target audience that the students at this school are hard working and succeed at school.