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My questionnaire and results


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My questionnaire and results

  1. 1. My questionnaire and results.
  2. 2. Questionaire:2. How old are you?14-15 15-16 16-17 17-18 18+2. What genre of music magazine do you prefer? pop Heavy indie classical other metal3. How much would you spend on a magazine?£1-£2 £2-£3 £3-£4 £5+4. How often would you buy a music magazine? fortnightly monthly never other weekly
  3. 3. These are the results I found after handing out 20 questionnaires to a variety of different classes in the school.How old are you? What genre of music magazine do you prefer? Pop 14-15 Heavy metal 15-16 Indie 16-17 17-18 classical 18+ other
  4. 4. How much would you spend How often would you buy aon magazine? magazine? Weekly £1-£2 £1-£2 Fortnightly £2-£3 monthly £3-£4 never £5+ other
  5. 5. • Due to the results from the questionnaire, I have decided my target audience will be from 16-25 as the younger ones seem to enjoy the magazines as much as older ones do.• The genre will be indie as this was the majority from the questionnaire.• The cost will be between £2-£3 as this seems reasonable, and if it were any higher, people may be less inclined to buy it.• I have also decided the magazine will be a monthly one as this was also the majority from the questionnaire.