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How did i take my photos


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How did i take my photos

  1. 1. How did I take my photos?
  2. 2. • All of my images used are original and all taken by me. For this, I needed to plan my photo shoot with care and consideration to ensure the best quality and thought out images for my magazine pages.
  3. 3. • The photographs I have taken for my media product were specially arranged by myself in a photo shoot.• Many of the things I had to consider when planning my photo shoot were:- The environment they were taken in. My images have to capture the interest of the target audience, therefore the photo shoot must take place in a relevant or thriving place. I chose a lightly wooded area because the colours would go well with the colour scheme I chose and also it is a simple area that is different than just taking a photo in a studio.
  4. 4. • Another aspect I had to take into consideration was the model I chose. The model must resemble the cover celebrity I use so I chose a red haired girl as the model to make it seem more realistic in comparison to my celebrity on the front cover, ‘Florence and the Machine’• Clothing used also has to be relevant to the genre of the magazine which is why I chose more indie fashion as opposed to really girly clothes.
  5. 5. Equipment used: The camera I used was the Nikon D3100. This is a high quality DSLR camera which has given me good results with the pictures.
  6. 6. • For extra photographs taken I used my own compact camera the Nikon coolpix. It still produces a good quality photograph but is easier to use when taking a photo that will be smaller on your magazine page for example an image for a contents page.