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  1. 1. Annotation of my media product.
  2. 2. • I fe e l th at ove rall, m y m e d ia p rod u ct h as followe d th e re gu lar conve ntions of any m agazine b u t als o th e conve ntions of a ind ie m u s ic m agazine . H e re I h ave annotate d e ach p age of th e m agazine to s h ow th is .
  3. 3. Bold masthead. Barcode and priceDate and webaddress. To showthe magazine isup to date. Clear picture of the celebrity whom the target Bold secondary audience will coverline recognize. ‘Free posters Very clear main inside’ to capture coverline which the audiences clearly states the interest and celebritys name. persuade them to buy the product Quotation from because of the interview page thought of getting to capture Tagline to be featured in the something free. interest contents page.
  4. 4. Very clear title using same colour scheme, font and background. Same sub- heading as as the front cover said. (news views Large pictures which reviews) capture the interest of the targetRelevant audience and alsoarticles relate back to the front cover and Same colour contents. Page scheme numbers also shown throughout. for accuracy.Realisticamount ofpages inthemagazine. Magazine name and(65) page number.
  5. 5. Quotation relating Background colour matches A unique ‘fan’back to the article. the main picture. arrangement of showing the pictures. Pictures are Pun relevant to used to the add audience mild and the humour article as to the it is the article. same model featured. Bold title and Good interview questions introductory used which ask about the paragraph past year, tours and Title and page explaining what upcoming gigs, which is number. the interview is what NME or other indie about. music magazines would ask.