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True Romance research analysis


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Analysis of the opening scene of True Romance

Published in: Education
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True Romance research analysis

  1. 1. Film Opening Analysis
  2. 2. ● The scene opens with titles/credits which encourage people to watch if they like the director/actor that are in the film ● Music is playing in the background before the setting and characters have been shown, the music sets the tone and indicates the setting before its shown due to its association with bars ● The setting is in America and is in a dimly lit bar,this sets the mood for the film due to its association of romance
  3. 3. ● The dialogue used is mature and establishes a mature audience ● The genre is romance/action from the dialogue and setting ● The dialogue indicates the main character as being lonely/geek from the way he is searching for a girl and the dialogue. ● The camera angle is always on his side so audience knows he is the main character