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Immigration for canada get migration visa online


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Migration for Canada is often made complicated by the laws related to different visa application. The types of visa are Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP), Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Provincial Nomination Program (PNP), Quebec-Selected Skilled Work Program (QSWP), Family Sponsorship Program (FSP) etc. FSTP is for qualified trade people like carpenters, electricians etc and FSWP, for the experienced and qualified skilled people. The FSP is for the family of the immigrant, the family being always welcome for the skilled migrant.

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Immigration for canada get migration visa online

  1. 1. Immigration for Canada: Conducted By Immigration Overseas Proponents of chaos theory often use the concept that the butterfly flapping its wings in China can affect the weather in New York City. The metaphor is borrowed from Charles Fort who wrote in his book New Lands (1941) that a storm in China might be the result of a migration of birds in New York. The metaphors collided this month when some fluttering over visas in Ontario, Canada whisked up a storm in China. The source of the consternation was Ottawa, Canada’s capital and fourth largest city. The announcement was made that an immigration overseas programmed targeting wealthy immigrants was to be scrapped. Those considering immigration for Canada as a high-end investment prospect have been disappointed by the outcome. The programme is seen by many as a way of purchasing admittance into the country. It was announced by the Conservative government on February 11th 2014 that it planned on axing the programme as part of the annual federal budget. Reasons given included the “limited” benefit economically. It was claimed that the average millionaire immigrant paid less tax than a basic care worker. Other claims referred to fraudulent consultants and rampant misuse of the system. The programme had previously been suspended for assessment but this looks to be the endgame. Through Immigration Overseas,The winding down leaves behind as many as 65,000 applicants currently in backlog. The overwhelming majority of these are Chinese nationals for whom immigration for Canada holds a special appeal. Not everyone is taking their plight lying down. A group of wealthy Chinese investors have promised legal action towards the government. Immigration for Canada it seems is a complex procedure, even for the super rich. There have been calls from some circles for financial compensation but the public in Canada and China are unlikely to be moved by the plights of multi-millionaires. Unsatisfied with the $2000 refund of their fees, Well Trend United Consulting, an immigration agency based in Beijing which represents some of the irate investors, continues to call for the full “transaction” of their applications. The agency is hoping to pursue a breach of contract suit once the programme is formally dissolved. If their protests fall on deaf ears some of the investors may try somewhere else such as the US where 80% of the applicants to its EB-5 visa programme are Chinese nationals. Immigration for Canada is by no means their only option. Canada might have been the first country to initiate such a high-end investment programme but many countries have since followed suit. Canada immigration diplomat, Sergio Marchi has called the wind- down a “missed opportunity.” He argues that such initiatives only represent 2-3% of overall emigration while the type of candidate targeted by such initiatives brings leadership and talent to the economy. In Marchi’s view, the majority of the investors were
  2. 2. demonised based on the vast wealth of a few. He also questioned the double standard of allowing Quebec to maintain its investor programme. Immigration for Canada is unlikely to lose its appeal and immigration to Canada will continue to value its citizenship highly. Ultimately, the issue highlights the ongoing tension between economic pragmatism and popular sentiment. The latter often resents what is perceived to be wealthy foreigners buying their way into Canada. The economic argument states that the world is a marketplace and each country must compete for the best minds and the best leadership. Immigration Overseas Demographic change and economic leverage certainly seem apt channels for an exposition on chaos theory. Indeed, the butterfly in China and the weather in New York have never been so inextricably connected. Contact John Mathews Unit No.28, Tribhuvan Complex, Ishwar Nagar, New Friends Colony, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110065 Website : Phone-91-11-43445000