How To Easily Generate Leads For Your Business


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How to Easily Create An Offer that makes people want to opt-in into your list so you can generate endless mlm leads. This lesson is brought to you by

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How To Easily Generate Leads For Your Business

  1. 1. Network And Internet Marketing Simplified
  2. 2. It all Started when Back In The Day... AKA a few months ago
  3. 3. I was Trying To Teach My Brother How to Drive a Manual Transmission car
  4. 4. When I learned I couldn't really help him understand how the clutch works... I went searching for a better way to explain it
  5. 5. So I went And Asked My Friend about it... And What he said truly opened my eyes to a completely new way of really looking and everything.
  6. 6. He Said This... “ There Is a Point In the Clutch When You are letting off of it when the car starts moving forward, once you know that you don't hardly need to know anything else”
  7. 7. So You Must Be Thinking... How In The World Did that Open My Eyes to Everything and how is this anyway related to Network Or Internet Marketing.
  8. 8. Think About this: Do You Remember In Math Class How you were given some crazy Equation like...
  9. 9. 3(x+6y)x^3+y^6 = 3(4z+3z)+4(3z)
  10. 10. And then you were asked to simplify it?
  11. 11. And Some How Got An Answer Like This...
  12. 12. X+Y = Z
  13. 13. This is of course after many many steps in the simplifying process
  14. 14. And after getting that answer it kinda helped you understand the full equation allowing you to plug in numbers to the variables.
  15. 15. What I've learned over the years of coaching and learning myself is...
  16. 16. People understand everything better after seeing something in the most simplified way
  17. 17. And What I'm about to share with you will help you truly understand internet marketing on the internet way MORE than ever before!
  18. 18. People make “ this ” way harder than it really is... Adding in too many variables with out understanding the entire “ Simplified ” Equation
  19. 19. All Network Marketing And Internet Marketing really is, is this equation...
  20. 20. X + Y = Z
  21. 21. So What In the World do I mean By That?
  22. 22. Lets Plug In some Terms into our equation!
  23. 23. X + Y = Z X= Traffic Y= Offers Z= Leads, Recruits or Sales
  24. 24. So In Other Words Traffic + Offers = Sales; Leads or Recruits
  25. 25. You're probably thinking “ That's Too Easy...” “ That's Not Right” “ You're Missing Something”
  26. 26. This Is Literally Network Marketing In Its Simplest Form! Lets Take A Look At An Example:
  27. 27. Your Selling A $97 Ebook Teaching People How to Make Money From Home... You Set Up A Website With A Sales Letter that Allows people to buy the product and have instant Access to it online after they pay.
  28. 28. Well That Right There is your OFFER!
  29. 29. Since You Have A Great Offer You Now Must Get People To See It... So You Drive Traffic To the site by placing ads on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, And Articles.
  30. 30. + Traffic
  31. 31. People See the offer And Buy! Finishing The Equation!
  32. 32. Traffic + Offer = Sales
  33. 33. Here's Another Example! You Want Leads For Your Network Marketing Company.
  34. 34. The Offer So You Set Up a CaptureSqueeze Page Offering people to find out how your business can change their lives by giving them free Groceries or something...
  35. 35. Then you Do Some Marketing and get people seeing your offer! People Visit Your Site And Fill Out Your Form and guess what...
  36. 36. You've Finished the Equation Traffic + Offer = Lead
  37. 37. Now the Reason Most People are not getting the results that they want online is that they are missing one of 2 things... Traffic... Or A Compelling Offer!
  38. 38. Anyone In A Home Based Business Has A Good Offer... But Most are not seeing the success they want... Why? Because They Are not getting targeted Eyes Seeing What they have!
  39. 39. Marketing Is In The Name: Network Marketing Internet Marketing
  40. 40. Now I Know That there is a lot of elements in both for example.
  41. 41. Such As For Your Offers: Value Copy Writing Capture Pages Videos
  42. 42. Traffic S.E.O PPC PPV CPM FREE Methods
  43. 43. But You Must Start Some where By seeing the FULL PICTURE SO you can actually get started on your journey!
  44. 44. So... Do You See the full picture? Were You Making It Harder Than What it Really Is?
  45. 45. Now Me And My Good Friend Christian James Put Together a Course that We were going to sell for $97 That literally holds you by the hand and shows you exactly how to set up a lead generation system that works
  46. 46. We show you a hidden place to go that allows you to set up your very own FREE squeeze page that designers will charge $200-$300 to set up! After We Show you How to Set Up Your own Squeeze Page (AKA Your OFFER) We'll show you some killer traffic methods to help you drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page to start generate leads!
  47. 47. The First 100 people will get this for free then it will go back up to $97 like we originally planed GO TO