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State of sourcing 2015


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SourceCon Keynote Panel Discussion Slides

Published in: Business
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State of sourcing 2015

  1. 1. The State of Sourcing in 2015 Jeremy Roberts
  2. 2. Who Responded to the State of Sourcing Survey? 54% Corporate Recruiting 46% Third Party (RPO / Agency) 670 Responses 32% are leaders 68% are individual contributors
  3. 3. Themes from the 2015 State of Sourcing Survey • The lines continue to blur between sourcers and recruiters. • Engagement, not identification, continues to be a problem for talent acquisition professionals • Are Sourcers and recruiters wasting time?
  4. 4. Is your talent acquisition team larger or smaller today than it was this time last year?
  5. 5. Do you employ sourcers?
  6. 6. Leaders: Do you plan to increase the number of sourcers on your team in the next 12 months?
  7. 7. What are sourcers making? RPO
  8. 8. What are and sourcers making? Agency
  9. 9. What are recruiters making?
  10. 10. Specialty does make a difference: Technology Admin / Clerical / Customer Service
  11. 11. Contract Sourcer Rates:
  12. 12. Contract Recruiter Rates:
  13. 13. Requisition Loads for Corporate Recruiting How many open requisitions, on average, do you typically have at any one time? (NOTE: you personally, not your department or team) SUMMARY
  14. 14. Requisition loads for corporate recruiters at companies with over 5000 employees
  15. 15. Requisition loads for recruiters who focus on administrative / retail
  16. 16. Requisition Loads for Recruiters focusing on technology positions.
  17. 17. What’s important to sourcers? 1)LinkedIn 2)Personal Network 3)ATS 4)Job Board 5)Phone
  18. 18. How much are sourcers and recruiters using paid LinkedIn accounts? Corporate:
  19. 19. How much are sourcers and recruiters using paid LinkedIn accounts? Third Party:
  20. 20. Frequency each site is used for sourcing….
  21. 21. Actual success using these sites…
  22. 22. How should practitioners determine where to start on a search? Which tool or website first?
  23. 23. What sourcers do in 2015….
  24. 24. What “sourcers” do in 2015….
  25. 25. What “recruiters” do in 2015….
  26. 26. What do talent acquisition leaders want from sourcers? 1) Placements 2) Qualified Submittals 3) Hiring Manager Interviews 4) Phone screens completed 5) Names in the database
  27. 27. What are characteristics of a high performing “sourcer” and what are the key activities will they be performing in 3-5 years?
  28. 28. What skills do practitioners need to nurture to excel in the future?
  29. 29. What advice do you have for attendees?