MEN - Project presentation IMI PQ NET Romania


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MEN - Project presentation IMI PQ NET Romania

  1. 1. 1STUDY VISIT INSTUDY VISIT IN DKDK27thof May – 1stof June 2013Strategic ProjectStrategic ProjectNetwork of Competent Authorities forNetwork of Competent Authorities forProfessional QProfessional Qualificationualificationss in Romaniain Romania (IMI PQ NET Rom(IMI PQ NET Romaania)nia)ID 53132
  2. 2. 2Project overviewProject overview1. Partners2. General objective3. Specific objectives4. Project activities5. Results expected6. Results obtained until today•Events in 2011, 2012 şi 2013•Next events in 20137. Conclusions
  3. 3. 3PartnersPartnersThe Ministry of National Education (MEN, participates since 2008 to theimplementation of the IMI PQ (Internal Market Information System, component of“Professional Qualifications”) in Romania, as an IMI Delegated/Legislative Area coordinator.The National Qualifications Authority (ANC, implements the NationalQualifications Framework by: elaborating methodologies, instruments and procedures;supporting the education institutions to apply this; assuring the functioning of the informaticssupport and updating the Qualifications National Registry; publishing manuals, guides andgood practices, studies, information bulletins as well as other dissemination and promotionmaterials of the national and European qualifications system.The “Institute for Social Politics” Association (IPS, contributed tothe conception and elaboration of the project, is effectively involved in the progress of thepromotion actions of the project, media events and in the organization of conferences ofpromotion of the IMI PQ system in Romania, through its wide expertise in the domain offormation and information and publicity actions.
  4. 4. 4General objectiveGeneral objectiveCreating and consolidating the IMI Network for Professional Qualificationsin Romania (IMI PQ NET),towards sustaining the initiative of the European Commission regardingthe development of the Internal Market Information System
  5. 5. 5Specific objectivesSpecific objectivesUse the IMI centralised communication instrumentto implement the Administrative Cooperationbetween Member States with support fromthe European CommissionA better and efficient useof the European legislationrelated to the Internal MarketImprovethe InternalMarket functioning
  6. 6. 6Specific objectives (2)Specific objectives (2)a) Creating and development the IMI NET Network for Professional Qualifications inRomania  support activities at a national level;b) Involving the network members in the information exchange enabled on the IMIplatform, by providing information/data based on the requests addressed through thisplatform by the organizations/associations from EU/EEA active participation in the information exchange;c) Creating, developing and implementing common reference terms regarding thecertification standards of the Romanian workforce competencies and recognition ofthe European Community citizens’ professional qualifications appropriate working tools and procedure for reciprocal consulting.
  7. 7. 7Project activitiesProject activities• A1. Institutional capacity building of social partners (competent authority –AC)and strengthen their member services• A2. Activities to strengthen multi-sectoral partnership structure created by theproject (IMI PQ NET Network) platform with the support of the EuropeanCommission IMI PQ• A3. Support social partners and the partnership formalized by IMI PQ NETnetwork, the development and active involvement in the network• A4. Promoting partnerships and ensuring communication between competentauthorities in Romania and the Member States of the EU / EEA, the platform PQIMI (Innovative activities)• A5. Improved and diversified services for AC members via ICT supportedplatform, which will provide information through websites (web-based Portalwith support for standard database)
  8. 8. 81. Sustaining 70 social partners and non-governmental organizations through theactivities developed in the project;2. Supporting 63 partners / non-governmental organizations that offer services to thecommunity by developing networks and partnerships with the representatives of thecivil society;3. Sustaining 30 Competent Authorities for standardization;4. Signing 40 collaboration protocols;5. Developing and implementing the IT&C Support Platform of the IMI PQ NET network;6. Achieving 7 training sessions with users of the support platform;7. Organizing 5 annual conferences / regular meetings with staff members of thenetwork;8. Organizing 6 training and information sessions addressed to a number of 140 personsfrom the Competent Authorities members / staff;9. Organizing 3 workshops with the Management/Implementation team members andCompetent Authorities guests-participants in order to define the contents;Results expectedResults expected
  9. 9. 910. Organizing 21 workshops for the members of IMI PQ RO Working Group anddividing them in subgroups for professional formation, assistance, exchange ofgood practices, provided with the purpose of raising the capacity andcompetences in order to make an analysis of the actual fields legislation:a) recognition of qualifications;b) regulation of the services that provide professional formation;c) competences validation and certification;11. Realizing and implementing the procedure of competences validation /certification as well as organizing the processes of qualification recognition;Results expected (2)Results expected (2)
  10. 10. 1012. Implementing the formation sectorial plans and strategies and the certification /authorization standards of the professional formation provision services:• Integrating some standard reference terms for the validation andcertification procedures and for the processes of recognition of theprofessional qualifications by elaborating some publications;• Elaborating 30 certification and recognition guides for standardizedprofessions / professional qualifications through assistance, consultancy,information, for the standard implementation;• Drafting some action plans that support professional formation,development and implementation at the Competent Authorities that wish tobenefit of consultancy, information, evaluation for this purpose.Results expected (Results expected (33))
  11. 11. 11Results obtained until todayResults obtained until todaya) Creating the area IMI PQ NET Romania Working Group: approx. 60 collaborationprotocols signed with various organizations in Romania (professional associations,sectoral commitees, ministries, agencies); 420 persons designated in the WorkingGroup;b) Selection of the external experts of the Ministry of National Education and of theNational Qualifications Authority;c) Creating the ToR (terms of reference) required for the development of the nationalIT&C support platform for the users of IMI System;d) Elaborating the Terms of Reference (ToR) pentru calificări, documentaţie şi procese,standardizare (rundele 2 şi 3 din ateliere)e) Implementation of a prototype of the IT&C support platform, hosted in the DataCenter of the Ministry of National Education – .
  12. 12. 121. Project launch (Bucharest, April 2011)2. The 1stmeeting of IMI PQ NET Romania Working Group (Mamaia, June 2011)3. The 1stannual conference to promote IMI in Romania (Bucharest, September 2011)4. The 1sttraining session for IMI PQ users in Romania (Bucharest, September 2011) -version 4 of IMI5. Study visit to the UK (London and Manchester, November 2011)6. The 1stannual conference of the Network IMI PQ NET Romania (December 2011)Events in 2011Events in 2011
  13. 13. 131. The first round of workshops in the SA 1.3 + SA 3.1 (Sinaia, March 2012)2. The 2ndmeeting of the IMI PQ NET Romania Working Group (Sinaia, March 2012)3. The first round of workshops in the SA 3.2 + SA 3.4 (Sinaia, May 2012)4. Training course for “Evaluation of Competencies" (Neptun, July 2012)5. Training course for "Strategic Management" (Neptun, September 2012)6. The 2ndtraining session for IMI PQ users in Romania (Neptune, September 2012) -version 5 of IMI7. The 2ndannual conference of IMI PQ NET Romania (Neptun, September 2012)8. Study visit to the Netherlands (November 2012)9. Study visit in Italy (November 2012)10. The 2ndannual conference to promote IMI in Romania (Sibiu, December 2012)11. The 3rdmeeting of the IMI PQ NET Romania Working Group (Sibiu, December 2012)Events in 2012Events in 2012
  14. 14. 141. The 3rdtraining session for IMI PQ users in Romania Romania (Bucharest, January2013) - version 6 of IMI2. Study visit to Spain (January 2013)3. The 3rdround of workshops "Support for social partners" (Brasov, February 2013)4. Workshops "The development of standard terms of reference for the procedures ofvalidation and certification of competences and qualifications recognition processes"(Sinaia, April 2013)5. Workshops on "Information, training and advisory services for the competent authorities,taking into account their needs (legal and financial issues, implementation of proceduresfor validation / certification of competence, organization processes of recognition ofqualifications / authorization providing training services)“ (Sinaia, April 2013)6. Specialty training program “Occupational Standards“ (Brasov, May 2013)Events in 2013Events in 2013
  15. 15. 151. Study visit in Denmark (May 2013)2. The 4thmeeting of the working group IMI PQ NET Romania (Tulcea, June 2013)3. The 2ndconference to promote IMI (Tulcea, June 2013)4. Study visit to Germany (June 2013)5. Study visit to Portugal (June 2013)6. The 3rdround of the workshops “Information and advice for achieving the terms ofreference” (July 2013)7. The specialty training program “Legislative competences (July 2013)ˮ8. The 4thtraining session IMI PQ users in Romania (Bucharest, September 2013) - version7 of IMI9. Closing Conference of the project (Bucharest, October 2013)Next events in 2013Next events in 2013
  16. 16. 16CONCLUSIONSCONCLUSIONS-The Ministry of National Education (MEN), through its specific statute andresponsibilities concerning the projection, foundation and implementation of theglobal education strategy, assures a support platform essential to the project, due tothe infrastructure, expertise and human resources carried along for this purpose.-The ”IMI PQ Net România” project supports the development and theimplementation of the “Internal Market Information System” (IMI) at national levelthrough the development of consolidation activities of the social partner’s network.
  17. 17. 17CONCLUSIONSCONCLUSIONS-The IMI PQ NET România network includes organizations (social partners) and professionalassociations from Romania that are authorized through laws or other administrative acts to regulate theprocesses of professional qualification recognition, as well as for the non-regulated, as well as toelaborate standards and methodologies for the formation, certification and validation of the competencesfor these qualifications.-The network will be expanded as the European Commission extends the IMI system by covering alarger number of professions and qualifications. Therefore, the members of the network will benefit fromassistance and will take part at a series of training sessions that have the role to support them in themanagement of the information exchange that is realized through the IMI system.-The goal is to raise on long term the institutional capacity of the social partners (professionalassociations, governmental organizations) and the consolidation of the services intended for theirmembers as well as for the wide public (Romanian or community citizens from other EU MemberStates).
  18. 18. 18Thank you!Thank you!Nicoleta IGNATResponsible for project CHIUTAMethodologic