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Discovering sketch


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Published in: Design
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Discovering sketch

  1. 1. Discovering Sketch the designer’s toolbox
  2. 2. Keep knowledge current 跟国际接轨
  3. 3. 更富有活力 容易上手 资源多 更适合当前的web design 更适合移动应用设计
 2012 Apple Design Award winner ⽤用来做web design是⼤大炮打蚊⼦子 对移动端设计不友好 更新缓慢,运⾏行缓慢 贵...
  4. 4. old fashion 以图⽚片作为排版和装饰元素的设计越来越少
  5. 5. the trend 扁平化⻛风格流⾏行,以⼤大量⾊色块和⽮矢量图标为主
  6. 6. Features
  7. 7. when saving the file… 很难找回历史版本 每次保存时记录⼀一个版本,Revert to > Browse all versions 可以找回任何时候的版 本 Photoshop Sketch
  8. 8. when drawing rounded shapes… You can dynamically edit corner radius in Sketch: With PS, you can’t do it dynamically, you had to draw a new shape…
  9. 9. If you’re a UI designer… In Sketch: 
 You have a non-limit canvas.
 Smart Guide will help you a lot in aligning objects.
 Link Styles will help you when you edit multiple objects.
  10. 10. If you’re a front-end developer… Sketch have native Grid view support:
  11. 11. If you’re a front-end developer… You can copy CSS properties from an object in Sketch
  12. 12. If you’re a programmer… You can extend Sketch by plugins, get them on Github, or write your custom scripts with JSTalk - Talking to cocoa with javascript.
  13. 13. If you’re a mobile UI designer… you can preview Sketch design on mobile devices with Sketch Mirror Install Sketch Mirror on you iPhone and open it Your iPhone and computer must in a wifi network Choose an artboard in sketch Click connect
  14. 14. Suggestions
  15. 15. Efficiently Rename Layers 起个好名 Suggestion 1 Tips: Efficiently rename your layers, groups, artboard and link styles.
 Select a layer. Hit ⌘ + R. Start typing. Hit Enter to save. After renaming your first layer, press Tab to go to the next layer (or Shift + Tab for the previous), then hit ⌘ + R to rename it.
 Create Artboards before start, name your artboards with device name or page name. If you want to export to sub folder, you should add sub folder name and ‘/’ to a prefix for your artboard name.
  16. 16. create multiple design in one page 万物霜天竞⾃自由 Suggestion 2 Tips: Canvas is non-limit size.
 Create artboards and groups to manage your layers.
 Select multiple layers, then hit ⌘ + G to create layer group. ⌘ + + to zoom-in, ⌘ + - to zoom-out
 ⌘ + 1 to reset view, select a layer and ⌘ + 2 to view it, ⌘ + 3 to put it in the center. 
 Arrows or space + drag to move your view port. If you want to export your design, hit ⌘ + Shift + E
  17. 17. Suggestion 3 设计: ! 创造力 > 复制风格 > 复制样式 ! 编程:
 复制思想 > 复制模式 > 复制代码
  18. 18. Sketch Resources Sketch official Web Site
  19. 19. Sketch Articles Sketch 中⽂文⼿手册 Discovering Sketch 知乎:界⾯面设计⼯工具 Sketch 的使⽤用体验如何? 初识Sketch:设计师的⼯工具箱 Sketch:⺩王冠上的钻⽯石 Supercharge your Workflow in Sketch
  20. 20. Thank you Give it a try