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Blog Like You Mean It


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Beginning a business blog can be difficult when looking at content creation, strategy and optimization. In this presentation, we talk about how to build your business blog using strategy. We also talk about the do's and don'ts of business blogging, blog optimization and how to calculate your return on investment for your blog.

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Blog Like You Mean It

  1. 1. B lo g L ik e Yo u M e a n It
  2. 2. Agenda • Why Blog? • Building a Blog Strategy • Blogging Do’s and Don’ts • Blog Optimization • Examples of Successful Business Blogs • Calculating Return on Investment
  3. 3. Why Blog?  Expand Reach  Build Brand and Authority  Optimization  Lead Generation  Pre-purchase Research  Free to Use
  4. 4. Building a Blog Strategy 1. Learn and Understand Blogging Culture 2. Evaluate Blogging Necessity in Alignment with Objectives 3. Develop your Content Strategy 4. Choose Platform 5. Optimize 6. Monitor and Engage with Other Bloggers 7. Write Often 8. Implement Company Blogging Policy
  5. 5. Building a Blog Strategy
  6. 6. Blogging Do’sDo • Publish Consistently • Create Valuable Content • Add Videos and Images • Keep Blog Simple • Include Other Voices • Make Theme and Purpose Clear • Link to Content on Website • Use Blog in Contingency with Other Social Media Strategies • Use Spell Check • Interact with Readers • Optimize
  7. 7. Blogging Don’tsDon’t • Plagiarize • Use Old Information • Complain or Whine • Muddy the Waters • Push Information • Use Too Much Jargon
  8. 8. Blog OptimizationKeywords • Within Text and Images of Blog • Controlled Optimization Sharing Capabilities
  9. 9. Successful BlogsW eF hol
  10. 10. Successful BlogsSw L fT eet ea
  11. 11. Calculating ROI• Hours Spent Writing Per Week• Cost in Salary per Hour• Design and Technology Fees• Hosting Fees Example • 9 hours a week • $50,000 salary/2000 – 10 hrs Monitoring + 9 hrs Writing • Design fees/12 - $7,000/12 • $20/12 • Per Month ((50,000/2,000) x 19 + 583.3 + 1.66) • 1,059.96
  12. 12. Blog Services iMi Associates • Create and implement a business blog marketing strategy most conducive to the unique needs and goals of your business. • Create compelling blog content that will draw your readers in. • Keep your blog fresh and up-to-date. • Understand and use proper corporate blogging etiquette and techniques. • Utilize various RSS/XML feeds to increase your readership.
  13. 13. Free Competitive Intelligence Report First Name Last Name Company Title Phone Number City State ZIP Email:
  14. 14. T h a n k Yo