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What is Happening in Government in Spatial - Graham Hammond - Geoscience Australia


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Presentation from IMIA (Asia Pacific) Annual Conference, Brisbane, Nov 2015

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What is Happening in Government in Spatial - Graham Hammond - Geoscience Australia

  1. 1. We Don’t Make Maps! So where are we? What is Happening in Government in Spatial. Graham Hammond, IMIA Asia Pacific Conference, November 2015 Insert Title Here <view/master/slidemaster>
  3. 3. Spatial Data Frameworks FOUNDATION Water Admin Boundaries Addressing Land Parcels and Property Land Cover Transport Water Environment Marine Defence & Border Protection Resources Surface and Air Transport Emergency Management Social services Positioning ImageryElevation & Bathymetry Place Names Need for interaction Need for provenance FOUNDATION Public safety Economy Environment Land Rights and Ownership
  4. 4. Maps are points in time Time series add value Tandure LakePamamaro o Lake Lake Menindee 100%85% 41% Using the time-series graphs to classify features into ISO standards • Surface water always present -> Perennial • Waterbody dries out (<5% water seen) >2 times in 10 years -> Intermittent • Ephemeral class unable to easily define with these stats
  5. 5., National Map
  6. 6. Maps Australian National Base Map • Colour_Basemap/MapServer • Interactive maps, ELvIS
  7. 7. Phone: 02 6249 9661 Web: Email: We do make maps and We like to think we know where we are! Questions?