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Best WP video theme to build optmized video sites with many features. Wordpress video theme that comes with money powerful features that make it easy to create great video posts and monetize your video site in many ways.

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WP Video Theme

  1. 1. PREMIUM WP VIDEO THEME Build Optimized Video Websites with Many FeaturesWhy use this WP video theme? Building a niche video website is a really great online businessconsidering that videos are simply loved by people and video sites are the most popular andgreatly visited sites on the internet. On top of that, well built niche video sites with some extracontent are loved by search engines and these types of sites rank really high for the optimizedkeywords.There are many purposes you can use and build a video site for, such as promoting affiliateproducts, making a closed membership site and offering useful videos, make a general one andmonetize it by PPC ads etc. There are some many possibilities and advantages of having a videowebsite.Well, this WP video theme can help you to build any type of video website that will really makeyou money. Beside the crucial functions that are needed for managing videos, it comes withmany extras in order to get them most from your project. No let’s see in details why this videotheme is the best solution.Check out the demos hereFeatured Rich WP video themeChis theme is one of the most featured rich theme I have ever met. It comes with great options foronline marketing, SEO, customization and monetization. Adding the videos is extremely easy andyou can use many ways for that such as embedding, uploading (by you or by users) or there is abulk importing option, so you can have a sitewith great amount of videos in short time if youwant. You can create content rich and nicelooking video posts.The best option you can use with this theme, Ithink, is that you can use it as a membershipsite since it comes with locking and paymentfeatures. In my opinion, it is the greatest solution to build a how-tos, tutorial etc. website wherevisitors can join for monthly fees or one time payment. This can be a really great business in caseyou are good at something that is untapped yet on the internet and you can create great videosabout it In my point of view there is not another WP video theme that offers so many features formonetization.Furthermore, it is totally optimized for mobile devices, which is a crucial factor nowadays, soyou will not have to use any mobile plugin. youtubeclonescripts.com
  2. 2. Features of this WP video theme  It generates thumbnails automatically form the videos.  It allows us to import great amount of videos easily by using CSV.  Any kind of modification can be done with the script.  The only WP video theme that comes with email management system.  You can lock some part of your site, and create many levels of memberships.  Built-in payment getaways.  Professional looking and search engine optimized layouts.  Plenty of options for monetization.  One license can be used on unlimited domains.CHECK OUT ALL THE FEATURES HEREYou should keep in mind that since this is not a Youtube clone script, it cannot convert theuploaded videos, so only the well-known formats are supported., but this way it does not needany special hosting.Overall, if you think about building a niche video site or even a membership website, you shouldgive try for this WP video theme. YOU CAN TEST & DOWNLOAD HERE youtubeclonescripts.com