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Top Wordpress Review Themes


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Tops Wordpress review themes that come with the most features to build profitable review websites and really help you to be more successful with affiliate marketing.

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Top Wordpress Review Themes

  1. 1. TOP WORPDRESS REVIEW THEMESWhy you need a WordPress review theme? There is no question that writing reviews aboutproducts is definitely the most powerful method for successful affiliate marketing, no matter whattype of products, services you promote. Review sites are very popular among those who want topurchase something, simply because they want to get more info on it, so they are at the last stepof buying. That is the reason why review sites can be so profitable.Though, success greatly depends on the quality of the review and the structure of the site. Themore quality information you offer for the site visitors, the more chance you have that they willclick on your affiliate links.To be trustworthy your site must show that you are professional within that niche or you knowthe product well. Fortunately, special review sites scripts can be found that are built with specialfeatures in order to create professional and great converting niche review sites, and among thoseWordPress review themes are the best because they are very flexible, easy to use and comes withgreat features.If you are serious about affiliate marketing and want to generate more income, you should investinto a WordPress review theme.Why WordPress Review ThemesAs it was mentioned there are many website scripts that allow us to build our review sites, butreview themes are definitely the best. Why? WordPress itself is the one of the most SEO friendlysystem, so you do not have to spend so much time and effort on onsite and offsite SEO, plus youcan even use SEO plugins to make your site even more optimized.In addition, you can extend your review site for any purposes whenever you want by installingplugins, though the WordPress review themes I will talk about come with all the necessaryfunctions.Last, but not least, writing and managing posts, categories etc. are easy withing WP, so if youhave never work with this system before you can learn it fast. Overall, WordPress is thecombination of simplicity and great functions.The following 3 WordPress review themes are the most popular ones and made by trusteddevelopers, and they offer the best and most useful features that you need as an affiliate marketer.WWW.WPBAY.NET
  2. 2. Best WordPress Review ThemesProReview ThemeFor me this is the most attractive WordPress review theme with modern design and many greatfunctions which can be managed easily by using the built in options panel. I myself like way wecan modify the homepage since we can customize it perfectly and we must not forget about theperfect rating system.Most Important Features of ProReview  Powerful Admin Panel – It enables us to control everything comfortably and fast.  Custom Review Posts – This lets us to create different types of review posts by using unique settings and style.  Layout Selection – This feature allows us to select from many layouts such as full posts, posts with sidebar etc.  Shortcode Generator – With some clicks you can insert attractive shortcodes like message boxes, call to action buttons. CHECK OUT ALL THE FEATURES HEREWWW.WPBAY.NET
  3. 3. ReviewEngine WordPress Review ThemeAnother great solution to provide detailed reviews is ReviewEngine that is developed byDailyWP, creators of many powerful premium WordPress themes. this WordPress review themecomes with an extremely clean design and fantastic navigation. Personally,I like the tab featurethat allows us create tabs on the post pages. This way we can offer more info ( like images,videos, comparison charts etc.) in a well-ordered way.Best Features of ReviewEngine  Displaying star ratings in Google Index if you want.  Dynamic Reviews to offer reviews about anything easily.  Flexible pacifications that lets us to create comparison charts, for example.  Professional rating system.  Reviewer Roles – Beside admins, members can also write their reviews which than can be moderated.  Bulk product import via XML file.  Another great feature of this WordPress review theme is that visitors can also submit products to be reviewed.  Powerful mailing management.  Built-in short codes for better customization. CHECK OUT ALL THE FEATURES & DEMOS HEREWWW.WPBAY.NET
  4. 4. Product Review WordPress ThemeThe last Review WordPress theme I would like to show you is built to create comparing typesites. though, we can compare products by using some type of WordPress table plugin, but mostof theme are hard to manage and design modifications must be done to insert theme into our blog.By using this WordPress review theme we can create exceptional charts.Product Review WordPress Theme Features  Special color system for negative, positive and neutral reviews.  Ranking box that can be displayed anywhere in your site.  The only WordPress review theme that comes with a powerful op-tin system to build mailing list faster.  Another great feature is the integrated affiliate cloaking option.  Final conclusion box  It also allows visitors to add their reviews and rate the certain products from many aspects.  Optimal theme to build a single or multiply product review site. LEARN MORE & TEST HEREWWW.WPBAY.NET