Top 3 Hotel Themes for Wordpress with Booking Functions


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Top 3 premium hotel themes for Wordpress that comes with professional booking function that allows users to reserve and pay online. Moreover, these Wordpress hotel themes comes with an admin panel where everything can be managed easily.

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Top 3 Hotel Themes for Wordpress with Booking Functions

  1. 1. BEST WORDPRESS HOTEL THEMESTo tell the truth it is not so hard to find a WordPress hotel theme since there are many even freeones. However, most of them are just templates and they does not offer more than that such asbooking. In my point of view, a hotel website without booking features is nearly useless sincepotential visitors want to book and pay comfortable on the website.There only a few premium WordPress hotel themes that offer booking functions as well as apanel where all the payments, booking details etc. can be managed comfortable by the siteowners. Because of this they are s good solution for those hotel and website owners who do notwant to pay so much for a web developer since for an affordable price they can get a fullyfunctional hotel website.On the other hand, web designers can also profit by using a WordPress hotel theme since they donot have to spend so much time on programming, but they can offer their costumers a reallyattractive and powerful hotel website.Here I would like to show you the best three WordPress hotel themes with booking feature I havejust checked and I think they are really good.Top 3 WordPress Hotel ThemesHotelPressThis hotel theme is developed by DailyWP creators of many trusted and beautiful premiumthemes. Personally, I like the homepage of it very much which is really attractive since a bigslider can be used if you want. Moreover, the site visitors can easily check if there are vacancies.Another advantage of this WordPress hotel theme is that it lets you to give really detailedinformation about rooms with many images and also lets you to create coupons.Check out the demo hereMost Important Features  Built-in Google Map  Administration Panel - Manage everything such as layout settings, currency, PayPal, hotel information etc. comfortable.  Booking Online – Letting customers to make reservations for that personal information, check in date, check out date, number of person must be added.  PayPal support  Multi language support TEST THIS THEME HERE
  2. 2. HotelBooking – WordPress Hotel ThemeThis theme is has all the functions that are mentioned according to the theme before such asbooking function, professional homepage with sliders etc. It is developed by the Templaticdevelopers.A great advantage of this WordPress hotel theme that it comes with many shortcodes – more than30 – which can be inserted everywhere within the site. This lets site owners and webmasters tomodify the theme for their taste faster and easier making the site more unique.Another important feature is the customizable custom fields that lets you to add as many specialfields to the booking form as you want. It is possible to add, edit or delete the custom fields suchas select box, check box, radio button, date picker, etc. Test the theme here for free
  3. 3. Welcome Inn – Hotel & Spa WordPress ThemeThis is another WP hotel theme with very nice design site-wide. Since it is very flexible it can beused for not just to start a hotel website, but even good for restaurant or spa website since itcomes with 3 different layouts.This theme comes with the Fuse framework which lets us to modify the theme fast and easy forlayout, SEO, marketing purposes making the it very user-friendly. Moreover, you canuse shortcodes which can be inserted everywhere. All in all, I found this is the most flexibleWordPress hotel theme.Check out all the details and demos here
  4. 4. These are the WordPress hotel themes which you should consider before starting a hotel website.All fo them comes with lifetime upgrade and support.