Best Facebook Clone Script


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Use this Facebook clone script to make professional social networking websites. This social network script comes with all the features which are needed to make a Facebook like website.

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Best Facebook Clone Script

  1. 1. Best FacebookClone ScriptBuild social network website
  2. 2. How to Make a FacebookClone Easilyfacebookclone.netBuilding a Facebok clone website may seem acomplicated task, but it can be easily done by using ascript called PHPFox. This software has all thenecessary functions and even more which can befound on Facebook. In addition, it is easy to install andmanage.Continue to see what sorts of features this Facebookclone script offers.
  3. 3. PhotosYour members can uploadphotos to a public gallery orto their own set of photoalbums. While uploadingphotos your members candecide the privacy level ofwho can view their
  4. 4. BlogsYour members can sharetheir thoughts and insightsby writing blogs to sharewith the community.You can test the demo
  5. 5. ForumThe forum brings your entirecommunity into one placewhere they can share theirthoughts on important andnot so important topics andgiving control to site adminsand moderators with thepower to manage
  6. 6. PollsYour members can createpolls for the entirecommunity or just a set oftheir
  7. 7. ShoutboxAt times your member maywant to share somethingrather quick with thecommunity and ourShoutbox gives them
  8. 8. FriendsIt provides the ability foryour users to befriend othermembers they may or maynot know allowing yourcommunity to create a truesocial network.You can test the demo
  9. 9. VideosYour users can uploadvideos direct from theircomputer or quickly sharevideos from sites likeYouTube, MySpace, Breakor
  10. 10. EventsYour users can keep track ofall the events they arehosting or plan
  11. 11. MusicMusicians can upload andshare their songs and putthem into albums andcontrol the specific genrethey are in. Your memberscan listen to thesesongs/albums and addthem to their own
  12. 12. MarketplaceYour users can create alisting in your Marketplace ifthey want to give away orsell something to thecommunity.You can test the demo
  13. 13. InstantMessengerThe instant messenger isconnected to the site widefooterbar, which gives yourmembers the ability toinstantly chat with othermembers or just their friendson any page they visit andlooks and feels like adesktop
  14. 14. User GroupsWhen using a feature on thesite it is usually tied into auser group, which in returngives you the control withwhat each user group cando; from things likeuploading an image orwriting a blog to viewing asecret group direct from theAdmin Control
  15. 15. CLICK HERE TO TEST IT!or check out for more scripts like