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Shape poem ppt


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Shape Poem. Shape Poetry. For classroom learning.

Published in: Education
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Shape poem ppt

  1. 1.  As the namesuggestsdescribes anobject and is writtenin the shapeof thatobject. It is sometimescalled a “Concrete Poem” or a “Calligram”. What is a Shape Poem?
  2. 2. It has something to do with the physical form of words on the paper. Whilewords, writing style and literary devices may all impact themeaning of thepoem, the physical form of the poem takes is also of significance.
  3. 3.  Used by theancient Greeks wherethey began to enhancethemeaning of poetryby arranging theircharactersin visuallypleasing ways during the 3rd and 2nd centuries. Long LivedShape Poetry
  4. 4.  The name “ConcretePoetry” however is from the 1950s when a groupof Brazilian Poets calledthe “Noigandres” heldan international exhibitionof their work and developedamanifestoto definethe style: Long LivedShape Poetry
  6. 6.  OUTLINEPOEM A visualstructure that reflects the subjectof the poemthat fillsin anoutlinedshape relatingto the topicof the poem. Types of Shape Poetry:
  7. 7.
  8. 8.
  9. 9.  DRAWINGPOEM This uses the lines ofwords to make the lines of thedrawing. Types of Shape Poetry:
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  11. 11.
  12. 12.  Thinkof a topic thatis notdifficultto do. Jot down ideas thatwould come into mind thendecide whichone is to be used. Once you’ve decided, thinkof words thatmay describe or deliver your ideas. In creating OutlinePoems, onemay create a linefirst thenfillthe space inside the drawing. How to achieve the manifesto?
  13. 13.  In DrawingPoems, create sticklines thatmay serve as a pattern.Fill in thewords on the lines. Rhymes are not necessary and so are punctuationmarks. Rememberin writing Shape Poems thatwe read from left to right, top to bottom to allow readers to understand whereto begin reading. Avoid forcing the image. Play with words andlet your imaginationhelp youcreate your Shape Poem.
  14. 14.  Grab a pair. Together with yourpartner create 1 Outline Poem and1 DrawingPoem on a 1 whole sheet ofpaper. Youonlyhave 5 minutes. Papers will be collected so don’tforget to write your names.  Let’s give it one more try!
  15. 15. Nowthatyou havelearnedthebasicconcepts,it is time to test your knowledge.On a¼ sheet of paperanswer theitems given. Theevaluationis composedof 10-items, Part1 is afive- item Identificationtype whilePart2 is afive-item Modified True orFalse type ofexam.Youonly have10minutestofinish the evaluation.Goodluck!  Evaluation Time!
  16. 16. Part1–Identification 1-2.Identifythe2typesofShapePoems 3.Thetime (centuries)whentheGreeksenhancepoetry. 4.What doyoucallthegroupofBrazilianPoets? 5.WhatwasthenamegiventoShapePoetryintheyear 1950? Part 2- ModifiedTrueorFalse 6.ShapePoemisalsocalleda Calligram.Trueor False? 7.Outlinepoemuseslinesofwordstomake thebasicoutline.Trueor False? 8.Drawingpoemfillstheshape.Trueor False? 9.Greeks begintoenhancetheirdrawingsinvisuallypleasingways.Trueor False? 10.Weread fromlefttoright,toptobottom.Trueor False?
  17. 17.  Pass your paper tothe center aisle then pass it forward. Time is up!