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Designing english lesson plan


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Designing english lesson plan

  1. 1. DESIGNING ENGLISH LESSON PLAN Create By: Resti Diana Rara Nandia Anggita Pusporini Ima Hermawati S. Bendita Des Santos
  2. 2. What is a lesson plan ?
  3. 3. A lesson plan is the instructor’s road map of what students need to learn and how it will be done effectively during the class time
  4. 4. ObjectivesAn effective unit lesson Activitiesplan include Time estimates Required materials Alternatives Assessments
  5. 5. What do I want student to learn ?How will I check What teaching and for learning will I use?understanding?
  6. 6. Strategies for Effective Lesson Planning Steps forPreparing a ReflectingLesson Plan on your Lesson Plan Presenting the Lesson Plan
  7. 7. Steps for Preparing a Lesson Plan Outline learning objectives Develop the introductionPlan the specific learning activities (the main body of the lesson) Plan to check for understandingDevelop a conclusion and a preview Create a realistic timeline
  8. 8. The Purpose of Lesson Plan
  9. 9. Is to simplify the process of teaching theclassroom. This lesson plan can make theprocess of teaching in the classroom moreeffectively than the teacher didn’t make alesson plan.
  10. 10. Example of Lesson Plan Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking Skill Listening Skill Lesson Plan with character
  11. 11. Example for Syllabus  Bloom Taxonomy
  12. 12. THANK YOU