I'm First Project Plan


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This is Center for Student Opportunity's I'm First Project Plan for the College Knowledge Challenge.

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I'm First Project Plan

  1. 1. Project Schedule Sep 12 Oct 12 Nov 12 Dec 12 Jan 13 Feb 13 Mar 13 Apr 13 May 13 Jun 13 Jul 13 Aug 13 Sep 13Current DevelopmentBeta Launch CampaignInitial App DevelopmentFuture DevelopmentSprint 1 - DesignSprint 2 - DevelopmentSprint 3 – Pilot TestingLaunch
  2. 2. Current Development• The Im First project beta launched in September 2012, http://beta.imfirst.org• Visitors can watch videos and read testimonials, take the Im First pledge and share their own first-generation college story
  3. 3. Current Development• Initial app design and development is in progress and will continue through January 2013• Features to be introduced include student and supporter sign up and profile creation, college profiles and search, CBO profiles and search, Q&A forum, and blog• App will be privately beta tested with users
  4. 4. Project Plan and Process• Future development made possible with funding from the College Knowledge Challenge grant will increase I’m First’s capabilities and improve user experience as a Facebook app, as well support user testing and evaluation throughout the project period.• Design, development, and pilot testing will be broken into three sprints
  5. 5. Sprint 1 – Design• February to March 2013• User feedback from private beta testing through initial app development will inform the updated app• Deliverables: updated wireframes and front- end page designs
  6. 6. Sprint 2 – Development• April to June 2013• Designs from Sprint 1 will inform app development• Sprint will conclude with internal quality assurance and bug fixes• Deliverables: The app, QA checklist
  7. 7. Sprint 3 - Pilot Testing• July to August 2013• App will be piloted with students, supporters, and colleges• We’ll address bug fixes and additional development based on this user testing and feedback• Deliverables: Pilot group roster, pilot group questions and answers
  8. 8. Launch - September 2013 http://imfirst.org