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Lead in Himachal Pradesh


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iMET is set to be a global community to develop, promote and encourage innovation, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship and Talent building with Practitioner’s or Doer’s perspective.

iMET activities thus enables an ecosystem of, for and by the professionals to participate, educate, incubate, collaborate and co-exist to make each other successful.

Industry Interface Program in Sundernagar Himachal Pradesh by iMET Global and Censud.

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Lead in Himachal Pradesh

  1. 1. The Industry Interface ProgramBy & If You believe in “SELF ESTABLISHMENT”
  2. 2. Few Facts to be ConsideredFact 1: A recent NASSCoM-McKinsey study showed that only one out of Ten Indianstudents with degrees in humanities & one out of four engineering graduates areemployable.Fact 2: A study by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council showed that90 per cent of the colleges & 70 per cent of the universities that the council gradedwere of middling or poor quality.Fact 3: On an average most Indian universities revise their curricula only once infive to 10 years but even then they get defeated in both letter and spirit.Fact 4: Indian students now spend $7 billion to go abroad and study in foreignuniversities because of the poor quality of education at home. Yet the governmentdrags it feet over permitting foreign universities to set up shop in India. Where insame cost we can successfully implement and run around 10 more IITs.Fact 5: The quality of school education hasn’t improved.A recent study found that in rural north India on an averageday, there is no teaching activity in about half of the primaryschools.
  3. 3. Industry Believes What do they say? APJ Abdul Kalam: "It is not unemployment that is the major problem; it is the question ofun-employability that is the major crisis in this competitive arena…”Jayant Sinha Partner, McKinsey & Company"First, the skills and quality of the workforce need to beimproved, since only 25 per cent of technical graduates and10-15 per cent of general college graduates aresuitable for employment”
  4. 4. Expectations of your Employer (other than academic/technical skills) What do they say?•Communications Skills (listening, verbal, written)•Analytical/Research Skills.• Interpersonal Abilities•Leadership/Management Skills•Multitasking•Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness•Planning/Organizing(Goal Setting)•Problem-Solving/Reasoning/Creativity•Teamwork
  5. 5. Personal Values Employers Seek in Employees What do they say? •Honesty/Integrity/Morality •Adaptability/Flexibility •Dedication/Hard-Working/Work Ethic/Tenacity •Dependability/Reliability/Responsibility •Loyalty •Positive attitude/Motivation/Energy/Passion •Professionalism •Self-Confidence •Self-Motivated/Ability to Work With Little or No Supervision •Willingness to Learn
  6. 6. What do they say?Do you have it in you?
  7. 7. What do they say? Yes…It isIf you know wherever you are And WHERE YOU WANT TO BE..!!!
  8. 8. How do you learn? What do they say?
  9. 9. Personal Values Employers Seek in Employees What do they say? Every skill can be learnt…. How can you learn? I hear……….I forget I see…………I remember I do………….I learn
  10. 10. Build Step by Step What do they say? Start right now and build fast…… Remember a journey of thousand miles starts with first step…
  11. 11. What do they say?How long does it take to learn a skill? How long you want to take to learn? Choice is yours Its now or never…..
  12. 12. LEAD & Its Objective?LEAD is an Industry Interface Program designed byiMET: innovation - Mentoring - Entrepreneurship - Talent andCSD: Center for Sustainable Development.iMET is instrumental in forging connections with the industry and CSD is the fieldimplementing agency. The roll out plan of LEAD will be through buildingCity/Country based Chapter presence across APAC, US, Canada and Europe.Objectives of the Program• To Enhance the Availability of Employable Manpower to Industry.• To Provide Practical Training & Market Orientation to the Students.• Quality Improvement of Human Resource available to Industry by DevelopingFunctional and Soft Skills.• To Promote Entrepreneurship.• To Develop present students as Responsible Citizens with anUnderstanding of Society.• To Upgrade Skills of Faculty.
  13. 13. What is LEAD?Key Activities: Approach:•Identify present skill gap. •College-centric: Support•Develop and implement infrastructure development, incubationmodules/programs to bridge the cells for students/facultyskill gap. projects, advisory boards & curriculum•Increase interactions between review, college co-curricular activities.institutions & industry. •Faculty – centric: Support research for•Promote entrepreneurship. faculty driven projects.•Inculcate social skill by engaging •Student - centric: Support summerstudent in various social projects internship, mentoring, shadowwhere they use their technical program, on job-training, socialknowledge. responsibility, scholarships for•Organize job fairs. tuition, conferences, workshops &•Engage students to pursue their competitions in key skill areas.interests & hobbies. •Employee- centric: Campus teaching, lecture series/ workshops & research.
  14. 14. What do they say?
  15. 15. Activities under LEADPersonality Development, Careerand Skills:•Communication Skills • Aptitude• Stress Management • Resume• Time Management • Interview Skills• Body Language • Group Discussion• Goal Setting, Motivation • Presentation Skills• Decision Making • Entrepreneurship• Team Building • Industry Visits• Leadership Development • Interaction with Corporates• Confidence Building • Tech-fests• Attitudinal Change • Projects and Internships• Ethics, Value and Creativity • Inter-college Competitions• Student Exchange Program• Interdisciplinary studies• Health and Well Being• Career Guidance
  16. 16. Activities under LEADHobbies and Interests: Social Outreach:•Sports Clubs •Community Services• Performing Arts • Volunteer Work• Photography • Social Initiatives• Adventure Sports • Environment• Art and Culture • Fund Raising• Youth Festivals • Youth Festivals• Sports events and activities • Sports events and activities
  17. 17. Implementing Agencies •Centre for sustainable•iMET is set to be a global development is a non-profit NGOcommunity to develop, promote striving forand encourage innovation, environmental, economic, socialMentorship, Entrepreneurship and cultural sustainabilityand Talent building with a • CSD implements variouspractitioners approach programs involving youth in• iMET activities thus enables an tandem with various National andecosystem of, far and by the International agencies like UNDP-professionals to participate, Gol, HPFD, HPSACS, Worldeducate, incubate, collaborate Challenge-UK, Internationaland co-exist to make each other Photography Partnerships-successful US, Dept of Social Justice and Empowerment, GBPIHED etc
  18. 18. Highlighted BenefitsSocial Outreach:• Enhanced employability with industry oriented education• Enhanced global mélange for more cross-cultural professional sensitization• Promote self employment for generation of more jobs• Empowering SMEs, MSMEs, SMBs and Start ups as growth engines of thenew world• Promote Woman Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship andEdupreneurship• Sculpting real professionals out of students as learners and contributors• Platform to promote ideas and portfolios among eager ears waiting to hearyou• Create opportunities by building alliances and networks to excel
  19. 19. Glimpses of Recently Delivered Programs
  20. 20. Glimpses of Recently Delivered Programs
  21. 21. Glimpses of Recently Delivered Programs
  22. 22. Converting StumblingSTONES Into MILESTONESC/O BFG Market Consult Pvt. Ltd.18, First Floor,Block SU, Pitam PuraNew Delhi-110034, IndiaTEL : +91 11 47529246,Email: