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Tech the Matters

  1. 1. McCann Worldgroup
  2. 2. @ c E R Fl RY
  3. 3. g•  z a a z F z SS t z F h•  @RS R Fz RD h D cW•  T a z z @ @• ZC z
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  6. 6. FLAVORS  OF  MOMS  ExpecEng  Moms   New  Moms   Moms   McCann Worldgroup
  7. 7. nW Cz S @ D t E @ D t @ D t 1928-1945 1946-1964 1965-1981 1982-1989 1990 - Today
  8. 8. •  Traditionalists occupy the fringes of a digital nation. These consumers have seen the biggest changes to the digital world around them. Seniors can remember a time when TVs weren t even a part of the household, and now more than 40% of these households have an HDTV.1928-1945 1946-1964 1965-1981 1982-1989 1990 - Today McCann Worldgroup
  9. 9. •  BoomersSpend more dollars on-line than any other age group, buy more often and as wide a range of good and services as anyone. They will be first generation to take digital technology completely into older age1928-1945 1946-1964 1965-1981 1982-1989 1990 - Today
  10. 10. •  Gen-Xers are the masters of maximizing the functional benefits of technology. They have mastered the art of using digital tools in a more functional manner, especially if it can help their household. Twenty-six percent regularly use the Internet as an information source on food and cooking, and 61% use it for news. 1928-1945 1946-1964 1965-1981 1982-1989 1990 - Today
  11. 11. •  Gen-Yers live and breathe a digital social life. They use digital channels to facilitate the social aspects of their lives:1928-1945 1946-1964 1965-1981 1982-1989 1990 - Today
  12. 12. FLAVOR  OF  MOMS   •  BEHAVIORS  ExpecEng  Moms   •  Getting Educated about what s to come •  Researching the latest solutions and devices •  Focused on nutrition and health of the baby growing inside •  There is still a pull on who they were before pregnancy -- the non-mom
  13. 13. FLAVOR  OF  MOMS   •  BEHAVIORS   New  Moms  •  Using apps to manage the baby •  Using apps to stay in touch with the world •  Online communities for information •  Search ! Search ! Search! •  Products, Schools, Community McCann Worldgroup
  14. 14. FLAVOR  OF  MOMS   •  BEHAVIORS   Moms  •  Real world schedules •  In the flow of life - apps that juggle adult needs and kids needs •  Focused on family and personal growth •  Gen X Mom is the first to grow up with tech, so they recognize it s benefits •  Gen Y Mom’s don’t see working or staying at home as static stages
  15. 15. REAL  TIME  WORLD  
  16. 16. •  a h t “IT TAKES•  bW Rva a @ A•  R@ E @ hS TR z VILLAGE.”•  FF TD W F D•  a bD z i E
  17. 17. CURRENT  TRENDS   VIDEO       Time  spent  with  TV  and  Internet  is  now  equal.  For  the  first  year  ever,  the  amount  of   Eme  US  households  report  watching  TV  offline  in  an  average  week  (13  hours)  equals   the  amount  of  Eme  they re  spending  online  *     SOMOLO   Use  of  the  mobile/social/local  combinaEon  will  explode  -­‐  The  term   mobile  will   mean  a  lot  more  than  mobile  phones.  **   SCREEN  BLOOM   MulEplex  media.  There  will  be  a  shia  from  three  screens  to  many  screens***   THE  CLOUD  BECOMES  A  CONSUMER  TERM   The  current  physical  media  formats  will  be  the  last  as  all  media  become  digital.10   We  are  moving  to  the  post-­‐media-­‐meltdown  world   ***January 10, 2011*Forrester - December 21, 2010 **January  24,  2011   2011  Mobile  Trends   Disruptive Trends 2011Understanding The Changing Needs by  Thomas  Husson  and  Julie  A.  Ask   Product Innovation At Market Leaders Must Leverage Disruptive Of The US Online Consumer, 2010 for  Consumer  Product  Strategy  Professionals   Strategies McCann Worldgroup
  18. 18. t R FW @ c z CZh D @ @ D C R t @ h v. M a ( t Dv. M( F c Rvq, ( TD v! y( h *BABY CENTER MOBILE REPORT 2011
  19. 19. @h a DW W a h S F@t @ D z t D@ R@ @ TW z a R b z R @ D D Ta W W!!( y-­‐ ( M( , M( , *BABY CENTER MOBILE REPORT 2011
  20. 20. s W a C @ R@ Wh z SRt t h S z F R z B U••  R z DD W D h McCann Worldgroup
  21. 21. s zR hRz DC @ @ a zEh R A D @ @R a Ct a D Rz D@ z E @ FR z D b h Z z T W Fbm
  22. 22. !ff D h c@ F z WD @ @ D W R t @ F@ @ w E @R@ Rb S F Z RbFc h S z R@ D R E
  23. 23. Ditto Localmind SeeClickFix Know whats happening. Now. Encourages active citizenship, by offering a variety of platforms to Localmind is a new service that allows you report your concerns. to send questions and receive answers about what is going on – right now – at Report issues through our website places you care about. mobile apps, widgets, and voice mai
  24. 24. • 40 percent of ratings on Yelp is coming in through mobile devices• 50 million unique visits per month in eight countries“Something is not right about the way the furniture is made..” “I am highly disappointed and disgusted with the store..”
  25. 25. c R z Wb E h h S D a Fc t c R b@ h E h Rh z D TRa Fc@ h a z SS h S Fc pD w Ru @ t Tz h a b z C t Fb Fc R@TSc D Rh D@ W @ D c F@
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  31. 31. v pw D z a h v@ bu DF Fc F h E a vF@x. vb Rv@ DR t @ aw a F@ Z a R h b W D S Fc h @Cz R W Zh DD m TR D h R@ D @aR Zh E D@ D h z FE @ z @a Rw z FE @ h S @ h DS D. F@xy Rwz Rw BpFE z D z TCal DW z F uU h F Wz h S h R @ h z z a Sz C@ F c z @@ D t @ RC @ z w v a Sh m z h Rh z ab FTR D P @ Wh F E h Fc c h R z sD t az Fc a z az Rh b R@ C@ F h Z F z B U z @F RDz S v D W W W F m @ Tabh S R@ Rh pz v a z a a E u @ t Tz h @ t Fb c h S W DCZ @ az z @h zh c Z h Rm @ z F Rz F D Fb z R a F ah D ha m c h c E ha z oF Fc t waD E a Fc R@ @ Fc h h D TSc TF RaZ P
  32. 32. •  z F Rz F R h F@RD•  b R Tah D a•  @ t T c Ct @ az @ zh
  33. 33. h @St DE c F DF@ t T c @ McCann Worldgroup
  34. 34. P Ph y! m D D c D ? b R @z h h D @ h Rh m Tz R@ @ z t RD @ z W T F t z S R @ t P t R@ R VB D vz E DvW @ a U Rh TD t D W @ R@ P? z TW Fmyfi( @ @ D a St RDz z @-­‐ y( @ St RDR E @ z P t
  35. 35. BRANDS  DOING  IT  RIGHT  
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  37. 37. h RD @W P t McCann Worldgroup
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