Reaching Social Moms


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Reaching Social Moms

  1. 1. Marketing to Women in a Social WorldErin Hunter – Global Head of CPG Marketing
  2. 2. Marketers today get less bang for their buckSource: Advertising Age Data Center, accessed Nov 20121987 2012Major Global CPG Advertiser02468101214020406080100120140Sales/ad$spentSalesvolumeSales ($B) Sales/Ad Spend
  3. 3. The good ole’ days of centralizedand predictable TV are gone
  4. 4. It’s more difficult and expensive to reach the sameaudience through TV than it was 15 years agoSource: Advertising Age: "TV Has A Growing Reach Problem" by Dave Morgan (February 28, 2012)$11.18cost of networkprimetime per1000 homesTarget audience 1997 vs. 2012$24.08cost of networkprimetime per1000 homesReach80–90%Reach60%20121997
  5. 5. 39%18%5%7%31%Never use a mobiledevice to shopOnly a couple times a yearOnce a monthDailyMobile moms use their phones while shoppingSource: Alliance Data, "The Mobile Mom," April 2013Weekly
  6. 6. Products for which US mom mobile shoppers usetheir smartphone/tablet to shop or researchSource: Alliance Data, "The Mobile Mom," April 20136%21%31%39%42%47%56%ClothingBeauty productsHousehold productsToysItems I need for the kidsJewelryOther
  7. 7. 40020006001 year 8years800people1B4years1000people680M
  8. 8. Sources: ForresterRetail is changingShare of retail sales 20011%22%77%OnlineInfluencedOffline
  9. 9. 7%47%46% OnlineInfluencedOfflineSources: ForresterRetail is changingShare of retail sales 2012
  10. 10. 9%49%42% OnlineInfluencedOfflineSources: ForresterRetail is changingShare of retail sales 2016
  11. 11. 98% (3x)84% (2x)64% (2x)
  12. 12. Who’s doing it well today?
  13. 13. Great creative on Facebook is … just greatcreativeTimely/User relevanceInitiative-basedSuperiority/Benefit drivenBase business/Equity
  14. 14. Luxury brand buyers are highly active onFacebook and have lots of friends on the siteSource: Facebook Internal, Dec 2012523avg # friendsactive users, U.S.resident, retail/shopping:luxury goods12.5M2.5xcomments3.2xstatusupdates3.7xlikes
  15. 15. She has 25% more friendsHer friends are other momsMoms’ most trusted influencer isother momsMore than anything else, sheshares news, photos and storiesabout her familyShe talks about family 140% moreWhy Target Moms?
  16. 16. +
  17. 17. lift in sales—Laurent Faracci, Reckitt Benckiser
  18. 18. What’s Next?
  19. 19. Reach the RIGHT people
  20. 20. Reach ALL of them
  21. 21. Make them into engaged and loyal advocates
  22. 22. Television gets us scale but blunt targetingW 18–34Luxury-Beauty―Want naturalproducts‖W 18–34
  23. 23. Cable TV and print get us better targeting butlimited scaleW 18–34Luxury-Beauty―Want naturalproducts‖Luxury-Beauty
  24. 24. People have momsMarketers have demographics
  25. 25. WOMEN
  26. 26. WOMAN
  27. 27. ―Heavy Buyer‖ segments developed based onvolume, sales dollars, recency and frequencyThe future is not about demographicsGreeting cardsOTC drugGrocery spendingbehaviorSweets & snacksHouseholdcleaners & suppliesCerealDairy & eggsPersonal carePet care Health foodsFrozen foodsBeveragesChildren’s food& products
  28. 28. Consumers receive messagesthat are best for them$18K$18K―Top rated in safety: theall new XYZ‖―On road or off-road: theall new XYZ’s got it‖―Built like a tank to giveyou peace of mind‖―XYZ can do 36 mpg inits sleep‖Old WayTodayF 18–45SedanOutdoorsF 18–55SedanGreenW 18–34SedanMoms
  29. 29. Marketers can reach their own consumersthrough new platformsFacebookMarketer’s CRM database