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Producing Magnetic Content/Storytelling


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Producing Magnetic Content/Storytelling

  1. 1. What do Agents Do?• Represent top creative and production talent.• Package creative projects for advertisers, brands and media companies• Negotiate revenue models for production, distribution and sponsorship• Interact with: Ad agencies, media agencies, PR agencies, network and studios, online portals, digital studios, distributors, ad networks—and brands.• End to End execution• Casting/Celebrity Talent
  2. 2. Advertising as Content: Why Marketers Need to Think Like Producers• Owning your audience rather than leasing it• In an age of fractionalization origination, co-creation and activation of content is an opportunity to connect with consumers in a deeper, more meaningful way.• Nobody remembers a banner ad or connects emotionally with preroll• Video content is part of a long-term publishing strategy.• New pureplay models using online as a first window are still ad supported
  3. 3. Branded Entertainment or Entertainment Brands?• Area for greatest growth and consumer engagement is content that is entertainment first--• Produce a story that resonates with consumers and creates an emotional connection to the brand. Work with premium talent and production partners that will reach the desired audience. Distribute the content via paid, earned and owned media, integrating the story and character into traditional marketing. And build programs that extend the story through merchandise and technology.• Franchises, not one-offs: Instead of Branded Entertainment, create Entertainment Brands• Contextually relevant , focus is on storytelling• Reverse of Product Placement: Entertaining content that reflects brand goals and brand messaging• Distribution: Targeted vs Ad Network
  4. 4. Produced by Science + Fiction with Mindshare and sponsors Sprint Nextel and Unilevers Suave, In TheMotherhood was unique online content that created community and engagement for moms, by moms andabout moms.Mothers submitted their real-life stories of their experiences withmotherhood. Those stories were transformed into a traditionalHollywood script. The online mothers community voted for the bestentries, which Science + Fiction turned into a new episode of thewebseries In the Motherhood, starring celebrity actresses LeahRemini, Chelsea Handler, and Jenny McCarthy.Over 5.5 Million people viewed the content online, with over 60Kactive voters, which set a record for MSN’s homepage. The online project’s success led to it being the first online, branded entertainment project to be picked up for television, airing as a half-hour sitcom on ABC, starring Cheryl Hines, Megan Mullally, and Jessica St. Clair.
  5. 5. A new series from television legend Bob NewhartSponsored by General Motors THE LOT is the latest program from Television Icon Bob Newhart, Produced by Newhart Enterprises, Monarch Entertainment Group, and Science + Fiction. This multi-episode character based comedy was developed exclusively to showcase products at the consumer level by setting the brand within the fabric of the show, creating an opportunity for the brand to become a character.