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  1. 1. Transform LOCATION into CONTEXT
  2. 2. What is PlaceIQ?Through analysis of location data PlaceIQ turns time and location into audience and context…Enabling a whole new powerful dimension of privacy friendlytargeting by focusing on the context of a user’s environment, not the user themselves or their personal information
  3. 3. What does PlaceIQ do? PlaceIQ enables intelligent targeting by specific audience… Late Night Technology Auto Model University High End BusinessContractors Tourists … Diners Buyers Intenders Students Apparel Travelers Targeting at hyper local Targeting at zip PlaceIQ can identify a specific audience in the physical world, and reach these people at the right time, at the right location with the right message…
  4. 4. Working with PlaceIQ Audience Platform Delivery Mobile Find your Target Brands Online Audience by OptimizeAdvertisers time & Report Agencies Out of Home location Learn In home Plan Deploy Insight