Master Class B: "How to Make Online Video Work for Your Brand"


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iMedia Brand Summit - Sept 2010
Brands are continuing to increase their investment in the online video space, especially when it comes to marketing initiatives. How do you successfully integrate video across a marketing campaign? How do you incorporate video into your overall brand strategy? How do you measure the effectiveness, such as ROI, brand recognition, number of views, and Facebook “Likes”? These are questions every big brand is asking in today’s media landscape, and questions that publishers and online video experts like Break Media are answering. Come learn from Andrew Budkofsky, EVP Sales & Partnerships, Break Media, and Cristina Zahka, Associate Manager, Media Strategy, PepsiCo, as they share real proof points and performance results from the field. See how multiple advertisers are currently utilizing online video to drive marketing, and join the conversation as we explore what the future of online video advertising will look like.

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Master Class B: "How to Make Online Video Work for Your Brand"

  1. 1. – DEWmocracy: (dü-mä-krə-sē) Creating the next Mt. Dew product by harnessing the collective intelligence of the brand’s passionate fans. • What Is The DEWmocracy Campaign? • Turning Passionate Fans Into Brand Advocates…
  2. 2. • A Community of Over 4K Mountain Dew Loyalists • Who are they? – Consumers who crave interaction with, and are willing to advocate for, Mt. Dew – 83% of members joined DEW Labs to help shape the future of DEW – 69% male – 50% age 18 – 24 • DEW Labs Has the Ability to: – Activate Influencers – Generate Positive Word of Mouth – Identify and Test Creative Concepts – Develop Online Content – Garner Deeper Insights – Launch Rewards/Recognition – Activate Offline Grassroots Events – Leverage Members Talents/Interests
  3. 3. • STAGE 1: “Taste Test & Creating Flavor Nations” – A grassroots mobile tour that created more than 222,712 sampling experiences, along with home-tasting kits sent to 50 DEW fanatics narrowed seven test flavors down to three. – Each member of DEW Labs, a community composed of Mountain Dew’s 4,000 most passionate fans, received samples of the three final flavors, chose a favorite and joined the corresponding “Flavor Nation”. – To name their beverage, Flavor Nation members submitted lists of suggestions. • STAGE 2: “Naming & Branding” – Finalists were entered into a Twitter race: DEW fans became followers of their favorite names, and the names with the most followers won: Typhoon led the pack for No. 509, Distortion for No. 231, and White Out for No. 493.
  4. 4. • STAGE 3: “Flavor Release and Digital Media Partnerships” – The Flavor Nations worked in conjunction with the brand to decide which digital partners execute DEWmocracy, and how it’s executed, both creatively and in terms of distribution. – After the products are released, the competition has officially begun. Using their share of voice, and a phased approach, “Flavor Nations” will champion their flavor: o Phase 1: Flavor Nations Spread Buzz (February to June) o Phase 2: Grassroots Efforts & Consumer Activation (Mid-April to June) o Phase 3: General Market Voting (April 19 to June 7)
  5. 5. • Create experiences that tell the DEWmocracy story • Role of video: Develop customized programming • Expand program beyond Dew Labs • Role of video: Distribution of existing content and TV commercials • Utilize existing partner content and pre-roll • Role of video: Deliver high response metrics and vote volume
  6. 6. How Mt. Dew utilized the Break Media Network to drive awareness, and generate interaction and engagement for the campaign.
  7. 7. • Break Media drove awareness and traffic to by running high impact Homepage Takeovers on, which each promoted a different nominated flavor.
  8. 8. • To extend the DEWmocracy themes to, Break Media created the “Power to the People” custom channel. • The “Power to the People” custom channel enabled users to vote on three (3) pilot webisode concepts to decide which should get the “green light”.
  9. 9. • To drive traffic and encourage votes on Mountain Dew’s “Power to the People” custom channel, Break Media ran the following promotional units: Co-Branded Units In-Video Bugs Homepage Tabs
  10. 10. Pilot Webisode #1: “Lucky Losers”
  11. 11. • Break Media distributed the winning video across the Break Media Network through an innovative Page Engage Unit.
  12. 12. • Mountain Dew fully delivered with an overall CTR of .17% and garnered over 118,000 total clicks throughout the campaign. • Out of the three flavors displayed on the Homepage, HPTO Distortion was the top performing with a 1.18% CTR. • The “Power to the People” Custom Channel that featured the winning original production webisode “Lucky Losers” had an overall CTR of 6.85%. (50% above average) • There were over 6,400 video votes (in one week) on the “Power to the People” custom channel and over 51,000 video views for the winning pilot original series “Lucky Losers.” • Social media outlets extended the overall exposure of the video
  13. 13. • Why it worked/How to Improve – Video was an integral element to bringing the DEWmocracy story attributes to life – Involving consumers in the selection of content delivered a more engaging experience – Having Break producers write script in partnership with agency/brand was key to success – Editorial integration added to the over all value – Creating assets outside of the 30-second spot allowed for a more robust cross media campaign – For the next phase of the campaign, we have the ability to measure the success via engagement and intent to purchase metrics through 3rd party vendors