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Case Study: "The Science Behind the Art of Kraft's Delicious Content"


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Case Study: "The Science Behind the Art of Kraft's Delicious Content"

  1. 1. The Science and Math Behind The Art of Kraft’s Delicious Content
  2. 2. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Kraft CRM Content Marketing Platform: Development + Distribution
  3. 3. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Content Marketing Brief Create delicious meal solutions that inspire amazing food stories which spread to drive sales and create value for Kraft Foods.
  4. 4. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. 4 Publisher Strengths, Owned Channel Power • Critical scale, with better consumer engagement • Unmatchable level of content integration • Real time and nimble distribution • Proven platforms that reach consumers highly receptive to Kraft brands
  5. 5. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Owned Media Outperforms Industry Content Beats Media
  6. 6. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. There is Math Behind Great Art 6
  7. 7. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. And Math Inside Food 7
  8. 8. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. 8 Math Informs Our Content Plans Data is Ingredient for Success
  9. 9. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. We Know What’s Inside: Tapping the Goldmine
  10. 10. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Data Guides Content Development
  11. 11. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Data Drives Cross Channel Programming 11 Magazine: Wow Her Starch results on likelihood to make recipe
  12. 12. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Website: Inspire Her Engagement with Hero recipe 12 Data Drives Cross Channel Programming
  13. 13. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. 13 Social: Inspire & Connect Her  Repins and Shares Data Drives Cross Channel Programming
  14. 14. Kraft Foods Group, Inc.14 Data Guides Content Distribution
  15. 15. Kraft Foods Group, Inc.15 Great Content Travels Look For Sparks and Fan the Flames
  16. 16. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Asking the Audience Yields Delicious Response 16
  17. 17. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Unparalleled Content Integration Drives Reader Engagement
  18. 18. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. CRM Content Marketing Key Takeaways 18 • Powerhouse of culinary insights and consumer cooking behavior that can be accessed for brand planning and insights • Leverage and influence multi-channel content calendar to shape brand content strategy and development Content Development • Content outperforms media • Content placements ignite earned amplification (viral) effect • Unique owned channel opportunity to integrate in print editorial Content Distribution • Use 1st Party behavioral data and activity to spark insights, provide real time learning, and power activation Leveraging CRM Data
  19. 19. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. THANK YOU!