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Case Study: "Taking a Video + Text Strategy Beyond Creation to Distribution, Targeting & Results"


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Case Study: "Taking a Video + Text Strategy Beyond Creation to Distribution, Targeting & Results"

  2. 2. Launching the Remington i-LIGHT Pro • New Product, New Category • Out of the spa, into the home • Heavy emphasis on text and video content
  3. 3. Challenges & Goals • How to build a relevant audience for informational video and text • Users need multiple exposures to different content • Other alternatives, not FDA approved – strong need to build trust and legitimacy
  4. 4. An interesting wrinkle: Not all content created equal “Upper Funnel” Content Purpose: Drive Category and Brand Awareness “Lower Funnel” Content Purpose: Drive Product Engagement and Action “Mid Funnel” Content Purpose: Drive Product Positioning and Consideration Beauty Related How Tos IPL Education Remington Ready Blog 3rd Party Reviews Customer Testimonials Basic Product Info Product Usage Guides Contests Promotional Content
  5. 5. Content Advertising Definition: Using the infrastructure and data intelligence of the online advertising ecosystem to target and distribute content. Example Applications Using Content Driven Ad Creative Programmatic Targeting & Flighting Optimizing and Sequencing Content Tracking Performance & Content Insights
  6. 6. Remington’s Content Advertising Program • High Volume of Earned and Owned Video + Text – Automatically turned 82 pieces of video and text content into 235 optimized ad creatives • Needed to Scale and find interested users on their turf – Programmatically placed across thousands of sites such as, E! Online and USA Today • Sequencing Mattered Greatly – Retargeted product/consideration content after demonstrated category interest
  7. 7. Content Sequencing Category and Brand Awareness Product Engagement and Action Product Positioning and Consideration
  8. 8. Results Killer Ad Performance Nearly 0.5% CTR; More than 3X Internal Success Benchmark Concrete Sales ROI Nearly 3X sales lift on Amazon Increased Engagement Drove substantial new traffic and return visits to Remington Ready blog Content Insights Content-centric performance analytics to help guide video and editorial strategy Double-Win: Boosting Brand and Driving Sales
  9. 9. Best Practice Takeaways Not All Content Is Created Equal Upper, mid and lower funnel content need specialized targeting/sequencing to maximize effectiveness. Content Creation Alone Isn’t a Content Strategy Distribution, targeting and content-centric analytics have to be part of the picture from the start. Distribution Is Easy, Targeting Is Hard Sequencing content for the customer journey and ensuring brand safety require careful planning and the right “premium programmatic” partner.
  10. 10. More Info Online case study with additional details Ryan Steve