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"How Shutterfly Leverages Social Data"


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"How Shutterfly Leverages Social Data"

  1. 1. 2014 iMedia Agency Summit “How Shutterfly Leverages Social Data” Presented by Chris Cunningham, Co-Founder & CEO appssavvy Denise Leone, Direct of Online Marketing & Affiliates, Shutterfly
  2. 2. How to best leverage social data: Capture social activities performed across desktop and mobile 1 Analyze social activities that drive brand performance 2 Optimize and target creatives towards best performing activities 3 Big opportunity for brands to leverage social data to grow their customers and businesses
  3. 3. Problem & Opportunity
  4. 4. User plays game Ad delivered without context and activity not captured The Problem User performs activity and receives an ad, without any context relating the ad back to the native user experience.
  5. 5. User plays game Ad delivered WITH context Full-screen ad remains and social activity is captured Industry Opportunity • Identify the ‘natural breaks’ • Create context to the ad experience • Capture and leverage social activities
  6. 6. Social Data Today
  7. 7. tweeting sharing checking in gaming listening pinning • More social activities being performed than ever before • Huge opportunity for marketers to understand what social activities their consumers are performing Helping Brands Navigate Today’s Social World
  8. 8. Proven Success
  9. 9. context points increase lift 5.74% CONTROL GROUP Ad served without context. 9,375 impressions 533 clicks CTR TEST GROUP Ad served with context. 9,266 impressions 971 clicks 10.48% CTR 2X
  10. 10. Shutterfly iPad Photo Story App Campaign App allows users to easily share their photobooks digitally with friends with added voice recording functionality, as well as to order hardcopy Business Challenge Well-known brand, launching its first-ever iPad app campaign Campaign Goal Drive app awareness among Moms, and ultimately installs & orders
  11. 11. Why appssavvy for Shutterfly: • Has a high composition of Shutterfly’s Mom audience, that over-index for social, mobile, and gaming verticals • Unique media units with non-intrusive format Campaign Overview: • appssavvy’s units that are served between natural breaks in user’s online social and gaming activities, based upon user initiation • 100% iOS tablet inventory • Exclusive, high-impact custom creative units provided an engaging user experience with 100% SOV full- page unit, and ability to showcase video creative Using appssavvy to Help Drive Awareness
  12. 12. Shutterfly Campaign Drive awareness of Shutterfly's Photo Story app while increasing app installs, easily allowing users to share their Photo Stories digitally with friends. 16.4% tablet CTR 318installs
  13. 13. TOP-PERFORMING ACTIVITES Consuming 156 index User’s chose to engage with Shutterfly after they had just consumed something (watching video, browsing photo album, listening to music station, etc.) Sharing 138 index User’s also engaged after they had just shared content (post status update, share articles, send photos/videos, etc.)
  14. 14. Performance Highlights In the campaign’s four-week flight, it drove • 318 installs • 234 total engagements* • 34% engagement rate • 188 logins • 26 created projects • 20 orders *defined as ad click, login, create project, update, install
  15. 15. Demo Target A18-24 Contextual Target ***Activity Target towards creating and consuming profiles Our advanced targeting solutions helped Shutterfly reach the most qualified & engaged audiences. 3 layer advanced targeting for future campaigns 150+ apps 130MM reach