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Case Study: "How to Create & Distribute Meaningful Content that Connects With Your Target Audience"


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Case Study: "How to Create & Distribute Meaningful Content that Connects With Your Target Audience"

  1. 1. How to Create and Distribute Meaningful Content Neda Stoll, Sr. Marketing Manager, Intel Chris Schreiber, VP of Marketing and Communications, Sharethrough Intel Confidential — Do Not Forward
  2. 2. Key Modern Media Trends Meaningful Content Feed-based Media 2
  3. 3. The Meaningful Content Movement 3
  4. 4. The Feed is the New Design Standard 4
  5. 5. Intel IQ 5
  6. 6. The Rise of the Feed 6
  7. 7. In-Feed Advertising Requires Content Reco Widgets In-Feed IAB “Native” Paid Search Promoted Listings Custom 7
  8. 8. STX: Sharethrough In-Feed Exchange Brand Content Distribution 227 Million Total US Reach 8
  9. 9. Intel and Sharethrough’s Visions Interrelate • Intel: To connect & enrich the lives of everyone on earth. • Sharethrough: To build a modern Internet that is monetized with meaningful brand content. 9
  10. 10. Meaningful Content: Intel For Change • 66 Million girls not in school • 33 Million fewer girls in school than boys • 50% of sexual assaults happen to girls under age of 15 • Country GDP increases with more girls in school 10
  11. 11. Intel & Education • Intel believes education is a fundamental right for everyone, and that educating girls and women and providing them the opportunities to succeed will break the cycle of generational poverty. • Intel Foundation invests $100 M a year in education • 3 million volunteer hours around the globe • 60 countries 11
  12. 12. Marketing Campaign - Intel for Change Campaign focused on supporting passionate young people in spreading awareness of the critical barriers to girls’ education around the globe and driving action to address these gaps. 12
  13. 13. Intel for Change Program Education – Inspiration - Action • In-Country Learning Journeys: • Intel for Change Community: ECUADOR • Opportunities to Take Action: • Calls to Action: • Join the Community: • Spread the Word: #IntelforChange INDIA • Stay Connected: @Intelinvolved KENYA Intel Confidential – Do Not Forward
  14. 14. Target Audience & Marketing Objectives Target Audience:  Student millennial in the US; opportunities to engage broader millennial audience globally as we scale Marketing Objectives:  Increase emotional bond with target by driving awareness of Intel’s commitment to girls’ education  Increase “Likeability” of Intel  Build awareness of Intel’s commitment to changing the world for the better  Raise awareness for issues impacting girls’ and women’s education & inspire action to address the gaps Intel Confidential – Do Not Forward
  15. 15. Intel For Change: Content Overview Powerful content that seeks to empower women from every corner of the globe to gain education and take action. 15
  16. 16. Video Highlight 16
  17. 17. Intel For Change: Campaign Performance Strong Mobile Engagement • Mobile engagement rate >13% above high end of STR benchmark (1.23%) • 18% higher engagement rate than campaigns with similar content and objectives Headline Optimization • Optimized toward best performing headlines to increase engagement • Headlines that mentioned the name of the country showed superior performance (237% higher on desktop, 80% Mobile) 17
  18. 18. Content Strategy Strategy • Follow IFC Ambassadors (IFCA) as focal point through a 4-part journey: • Document the journey • Leverage coverage of social influencers • Use the Intel Mentors as spokespeople • Cross promote Tone & Branding • • • • Real-to-life Authentic Culturally reflective A little bit edgy
  19. 19. Intel Confidential — Do Not Forward