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Visionary Marketer Award Presentation


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Visionary Marketer Award Presentation

  1. 1. 2 The highly anticipated Ray Donovan premiered Sunday, June 30th at 10pm. Supported by one of the largest marketing campaigns for a Showtime original series to date, efforts worked to establish Ray Donovan as The Next Great Showtime Original Series, following in the steps of Dexter and Homeland. With the final season of Dexter as the lead-in, Ray Donovan was exposed to the enormous Dexter audience, creating a record breaking night of television on Showtime.
  2. 2. 3 Strategize and Synchronize – The Communications Rollout The communications rollout plan focused on three phases during the period - building awareness of the new Showtime original series, placing Ray Donovan within the consideration set of the target, and driving tune-in to the premiere.
  3. 3. Strategic Direction 4  Establish Ray Donovan as the hottest, most buzzed-about new television series of this summer  START EARLY TO DEFINE COMPLEX CHARACTERS  Go as broad as possible to reach a mass audience.  Utilize full episode sampling as a vehicle to gain momentum and early awareness  Use the massive success of Dexter as the launch pad for Ray Donovan
  4. 4. Positioning Tone: Cinematic scale, depth and power. Toggle between the bright, flashy, absurdity of Hollywood glamour with the gritty, serious, violent darkness of the Donovans. 5 In the glamorous, sexy, over-indulgent world of Hollywood, Ray Donovan discreetly arranges and conveniently erases all of the dirty little secrets of LA’s elite; but when it comes to his own family secrets, they’re about to be exposed. Hollywood glamour and Boston blue collar collide in this family drama of revenge, denial and an insatiable quest for money and power.
  5. 5. 6 While broad marketing efforts targeted entertainment enthusiasts and Showtime subscribers, key tactics worked hard against a clearly defined core target—the ―Self-Educators.‖
  6. 6. Target Audience | The Self Educators We're targeting the trend-spotters, the urban adventurers, the people in relentless pursuit of the Next. 7  Annually wins the Oscar pool  Love discovery of food, fashion, TV, movies  Research is not a chore  They're inherently social and everyone counts on  They just can't resist telling everyone all about it.  55/45 M/F 54% 25-49
  7. 7. Digital Sampling & Other Tactics 8 Free On Demand and iTV channels Promotional linear channels Online and TVE portals, Facebook pages Free Full Episode area of SHO Anytime SAMPLING
  8. 8. Promotion & Digital Integration 9 ZipCar Screening | June 26 ZipCar and Showtime produced 4 pop-up screenings of Ray: NY, LA, Washington DC and Boston.
  9. 9. ZipCar Drive-In Social Integration In support of the Showtime ZipCar Drive-In promotion, SHO Digital Media developed a series of on-screen social touch points for both fans at the drive- in and fans of Ray Donovan to engage with around the screenings. 10
  10. 10. 11 Donovan was featured prominently as part of the Showtime Brand campaign at South By Southwest (SXSW) in early March. Additionally Ray Donovan episode one was screened for a select group of influencers attending SXSW. Donovan Owned SXSW
  11. 11. 12 Social Platforms Building a robust social community A strategic rollout of content Donovan Facebook community grew faster than any previous Showtime series.
  12. 12. Place Ray Donovan in the consumer consideration set 13 Two months out from premiere, messaging and media focused on generating intrigue, further defining Ray and his world and broadening the context of the characters. Influence intent-to-view, through carefully targeted opportunities, online & off.
  13. 13. Full Throttle Launch to the Premiere – Driving Tune In 14  Defamer Launch Sponsorship  Ray Donovan Tumblr Page  Pooch Hall 3-Part Video Production Diary Series  Innovative NYT iPad App Advertising  Robust Digital Media Campaign
  14. 14. 15 Ray Donovan makes network history as Showtime’s highest-rated series premiere EVER.