2012 Breakthrough Austin : Collective


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  • Viewing of video on multiple screens (TV, computers, mobile devices) has reached a tipping point. US consumers added 12 days of screen time per year between 2008 and 2011 – equal or better than the average American’s vacation days in an entire year.Marketers see this trend unfolding, and they are looking for ways to capitalize on the changes. Creating appropriate messages and delivering them to their audience wherever they are most active is the new challenge. Additionally, multi-screen viewing behavior has started to become more consistent in terms of time spent and also viewing by day-part.Advertisers can leverage the power of Collective to help them achieve their video branding objectives across any device and across multiple screens.
  • So the consumer is driving these trends.Over the last 3 years, time spent on mobile has increased over 100%.... Computer internet use has risen 22%... TV by 8%.The screens have emerged, while non-screen media time has given up that share… declining 22%.To put it in perspective: the average consumer has added 12 days of screen time to their year. A whole vacation spent not on a beach, but on a screen.
  • Meanwhile, the flip side of this conflict is that TV remains the
  • Advertisers are increasingly aligning their video advertising strategy with how viewers are watching video. TV, the first screen, continues to captivate us with sight, sound and motion. This will never change, but video consumed in an “always on” environment extends beyond the actual TV. Video is video, no matter the screen where your audience consumes it, and advertisers need to follow this user behavior.Video is also compelling because viewers are demanding more of it, and prove this desire by accessing it all the time. We find time and creative ways to incorporate more of it into our already extremely busy lives.As consumers spend more time across devices and screens (yes, TV is now one big screen) their behavior is starting to become more predictable. Collective helps advertisers develop a multi-screen strategy to meet the needs of your audience goals.
  • Data passed from publisher/ Registration data from user Passed in ad call Geo/ Targeting segmentation scheme (similar)Leveraging IP Address (Mapping Mobile IP to online IP cookie)
  • Collective is uniquely enabled to be your video advertising partner.Collective’s TVAccelerator is recognized by brand marketers as a unique and innovative way to complement their TV advertising strategies.Our exclusive relationship with Rentrak enables TVA with 10 times the data accuracy of any other solution.Collective is known industry-wide for our expertise in audience targeting with our personifi segments now providing targeting advantages not seen in other solutions and verified by comScore.Collective partners with Nielsen and comScore to facilitate innovative measurement and reporting developed by Collective.And all of our video advertising capabilities are delivered via strong and growing relationships with premium content partners.
  • Collective has long been known as the audience targeting expert for display advertising. We have evolved to now provide even greater audience targeting capabilities but across a full spectrum of video advertising. With Ensemble, Collective helps brand marketers get their digital video creative closer to the TV gold standard. (convenient, accurate, cost-effective)(Name example of AMP partner)Show logos of our products in slide, personifi…. Animated points6pm – 11pm Prime tvTablet to weekend also
  • Offering a wide variety of targeting options, Collective can help you reach your audience by leveraging tried and true targeting methods, including context and channel, to help you reach engaged audiences. We also have the ability to target audiences by leveraging TV viewing behavior along with the other targeting options.Construct the video advertising campaigns that align with your marketing goals.
  • 2012 Breakthrough Austin : Collective

    1. 1. Collective Video is Video
    2. 2. Disruptive tech adoption 100% 103% 80% Since 2008 US consumers have added 12 days of screen time 60% per year—a whole vacation 40% 20% 22% 0 8% -20% -22% MOBILE COMPUTER TELEVISION NON-SCREENS Source eMARKETER, UNSURE OF DATE?
    3. 3. TV is very much still the primary screen 83%$6B 80% $6.1B$5B 68% 68% 70% Auto advertisers‗ spend 66% on TV is 4x their spend 62% $4.6B on digital, radio, print,$4B 60% outdoor put together$3B 50% $3B$2B 40% $1.7B $1.5B$1B 20% TOTAL TV SPEND0 0 TV SPEND AS % OF TOTAL MEDIA BUDGET AUTO CPG PHARMA RETAIL FINANCIAL Source eMARKETER, UNSURE OF DATE?
    4. 4. Brand Advertising spend doesn‘t align with whereconsumers are spending their timeOPPORTUNITY REMAINING CHALLENGES• Mobile Rivals TV and Computers for Time Spent • Few mobile solutions focus on the needs of brands • Mobile point solutions are another silo 15 HOURS • Audience data is scarce 13 HOURS • Cross-media coordination is a difficult 10 HOURS 10 HOURS 8 HOURS 5 HOURS 6 HOURS 5 HOURS 4 HOURS 0 INTERNET TELEVISION MOBILE AUDIO NEWS PAPER MAGAZINES WEEKLY TIME SPENT (16 – 54 : HOURS )Source eMARKETER, APRIL 2012
    5. 5. But brands are recognizing the value of mobile screens Methods Used by US Marketers to Measure the Performance of Their Mobile and Video Campaigns Dec. 2011 % of respondents BRAND ENGAGEMENT eMarketer – Marketers are using mobile 68% about equally for branding and direct 54% response – reflecting a broad acceptance $83 of mobile as a vehicle for branding TRAFFIC DRIVING (CLICKTHROUGH RATE) 64% Source: ValueClick Media, ―Advertiser Survey 2012,‖ Fed 29, 2012 63% BRAND AWARENSS VIDEO 61% MOBILE 52% DIRECT RESPONSE 36% 51% PURCHASE INTENT 28% 30%
    6. 6. Opportunity: This disruption and changing behaviors iscreating unprecedented opportunity
    7. 7. Video is video no matter what screen 16 17 27 24 32 27 10 COMPUTER ONLINE, THROUGH 11 TELEVISION THE INTERNET AT HOME ON ANY DEVICE AT HOME 10 9 11 8 19 16 17 9 17 18AUDIENCES ARE FOLLOWING SIMPLE RULES % GLOBAL ONLINE AVERAGE More than once a day • Multi-Screen viewing behaviors are increasing Once a day A few times a week • Daily and weekly multi-screen viewing consistent Once a week • Less TV watching, means more multi-screen opportunities Less than once a week Have not watched video on this device in the past 30 days
    8. 8. Video will be the fastest-growing mobile ad format thisyear, boosted by tablet viewers US MOBILE AD SPENDING GROWTH, BY FORMAT 2010-2016 % change 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016Display 152.4% 108.3% 102.0% 79.4% 55.0% 44.1% 33.6%-Video 132.4% 132.4% 122.1% 98.1% 76.5% 56.4% 43.3%-Rich Media 2,452.2 947.0% 103.0% 78.1% 55.5% 44.2% 33.7% %-Banners 132.0% 11.8% 95.0% 74.6% 46.4% 38.5% 28.4%Search 204.3% 157.8% 96.0% 72.4% 50.9% 37.1% 26.1%SMS/ MMS 11.0% -1.1% -9.5% -0.9% -2.9% -3.1% -4.7%P2P MessagingTotal 85.0% 88.5% 80.0% 69.0% 50.0% 39.0% 29.0% © 2012 eMarketer, Inc.
    9. 9. Mobile Data 101: What‘s available todayMobile Data : • Geo/ Targeting Segmentation Scheme • Publisher Data • Leveraging IP Address (Add Graphics to illustrate each)
    10. 10. Leveraging Audience Targeting Strength for Mobile Online Audience Targeting Geography • ZIP code – IP address-based • ~5,000 online audience per US ZIP • Chosen based on high composition of target, eg ―Luxury Auto Buyer‖ Demographics • Demographic data comes from publisher registration records • Presence of users in particular demos creates additional signal for model (eg Luxury Auto Buyers correlate to Men, $150k+ HHI) Demographics • Demographic data comes from publisher registration records • Presence of users in particular demos creates additional signal for model (eg Luxury Auto Buyers correlate to Men, $150k+ HHI) Context Demographics Geography
    11. 11. Leveraging Audience Targeting Strength for MobileONLINE AUDIENCE TARGETING MOBILE AD SERVER Final Segment API BRIDGE Context Device Demographics Daypart Geography Geography/Demo/Context from Collective
    12. 12. Mobile Creative 101Mobile Creative is challenging-Most people just create something for the web and move it over, notideal-Self Service platform tools like medialets do it well-Creative is more important in a tablet environment, aids brandawareness 31 percent of survey respondents said they saw a trailer on their mobile phone in the past six months, and when asked whether they viewed ads before trailers, 83 percent said they had with 61 percent watching the ad to the end in order to get to the trailer.
    13. 13. Mobile Creative 101
    14. 14. Vertical SuccessEntertainment Ads typically introduce new releases with the goal of building awareness and driving ticket sales.• Expandable ad formats represent 66% of all entertainment ads• 69% of entertainment ads were smartphone ads.• Components most often used include: • video (60%) • photo gallery ( 33%) • games (33%) • Get tickets (42%) • Social buttons (25%)• Engagement is high for games (17%) and video (12.4%).
    15. 15. Footloose
    16. 16. Footloose
    17. 17. Footloose
    18. 18. Targeting - Case Study: HTCCross-Screen Impact: Purchase Intent • Major HTC device launch Q2 2012 • Used TV Accelerator to identify brand target on TV, PC and Tablet • Delivered video and display across screens 83% LIFT 16.5% 9.0% CONTROL TEST PURCHASE INTENT VIZU N = 221
    19. 19. Day part - Case study : Cookies Inc. Collective delivers winning multi-screen strategy for leading U.S. cookie brand Goals Reccomendation• Re-brand and re-launch cookie company product • Banner• Increase overall awareness • Video Pre-Roll• Drive purchase intent• Use video to heighten interest • Targeting for Oreo Fudge me‘s Audience • Mom focused Content Channels • Daypart target with Mobile Video to reach Target mom‘s when they are most likely to be engaged• Moms on the go• Always on approach• Every hour of the day• Reach them across all of their devices Measurement: Vizu & DimeStore
    20. 20. Case study : Cookies Inc. Collective delivers winning multi-screen strategy for leading U.S. cookie brand Results Goals• Re-brand and re-launch cookie company product • 16.4% overall campaign lift• Increase overall awareness • 17.4% online video lift• Drive purchase intent • 15.9% overall lift in display• Use video to heighten interest • 81% mobile lift Target• Moms on the go• Always on approach• Every hour of the day• Reach them across all of their devices Measurement: Vizu & DimeStore
    21. 21. Case study : Cookies Inc.EXECUTION:Collective selected for its sophisticated offering with intelligent targetingacross multiple screens 6:00 pm --11:00 pm 4:00 pm 8:00 am 6:00 am 9:00 pm
    22. 22. Select what you need to best drive marketing goals ✔ Audience Targeting (Behavior, TV viewing, Demo, Geo, etc.) ✔ Display, Rich Media, Pre-Roll, Video, etc. ✔ Multi-Screen (Online, Tablet, Smartphone, connected TV, etc.) ✔ Rich Media units (Select best experience Per multi-screen target)
    23. 23. Collective Video is Video