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2011 05-i moms-debra aho williamson


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The community of mothers who blog has exploded since 2004. According to eMarketer one in eight moms online writes a blog. And, their audience has grown: 54% of online moms visit blogs each month. Moms are also heavy social media users—76% of online moms are regularly on social media sites.

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2011 05-i moms-debra aho williamson

  1. 1. Moms Who Blog: A Marketing Powerhouse<br />Debra Aho Williamson<br />Principal Analyst<br />@DebraWilliamson<br />
  2. 2. Moms and blogs: A larger audience <br />than you might think<br /><ul><li>There are 3.9 million moms who blog in the US.Moms who write blogs are a diverse group who cover a wide variety of subjects, from parenting issues to travel, automobiles or technology.
  3. 3. Over half of online moms read blogs.Moms are more likely than internet users as a whole to read blogs.
  4. 4. Facebook and Twitter add reach.Blogging moms are among the most savvy users of social media to extend their brand.</li></li></ul><li>The number of US moms who write blogs is expected to reach 4.4 million in 2014<br />
  5. 5. Nearly one in eight online moms blog for either personal or professional reasons<br />
  6. 6. Over half of online moms regularly read blogs (of any type)<br />
  7. 7. Best practices for working with blogging moms<br /><ul><li>Know your audience.At 3.9 million people, the audience is diverse and not limited to women who blog about parenting or their family life.
  8. 8. Maximize reach across social media.Moms who engage with blogs are active on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.
  9. 9. Play by the FTC rules.Marketers are the ones ultimately held responsible by the Federal Trade Commission, and they must work to ensure that the bloggers they work with are ethical and make disclosures when necessary.</li></li></ul><li>More best practices<br /><ul><li>Participation is paramount.The temptation may be to launch a large-scale effort involving many blogs, but bloggers appreciate the personal touch.
  10. 10. Make it easy for bloggers.To optimize success for a giveaway or review request, marketers must give bloggers all the information they need: product descriptions, logos, images and more.
  11. 11. Track interactions.The success of blogger outreach efforts can be measured in several ways, including comments, number of reviews, passalongs and brand sentiment.</li></li></ul><li>eMarketer Social Media Insights<br />Learn more about leveraging social media with eMarketer Total Access.<br />Recent Reports:<br /><ul><li>US Social Network Usage
  12. 12. Twitter Users: A Vocal Minority
  13. 13. Facebook Users: The Juggernaut Rolls On
  14. 14. Social Media in the Marketing Mix: Budgeting for 2011
  15. 15. Western Europe Social Network Usage
  16. 16. China Social Media Marketing
  17. 17. Worldwide Social Network Ad Spending: 2011 Outlook</li></ul>For more information, visit:<br />Call: 800-405-0844 Email:<br />