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Invest in Nanjing, China English Version

  1. 1. Nanjing Chi-Lin Innovation Park, ChinaAn Ideal Place for New Ideas andYour Business!
  2. 2. Why Chi-Lin-The Chi-Lin Innovation Park, Nanjing, ChinaThe Chi-Lin Innovation Park (CLIP) is a new, fully integratedscience and technology community for R&D and business: As part of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone( 长三角经济区 ) including important economic hubs like the cities of Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou, accounting for 20 percent of Chinas Gross Domestic Product and is responsible for one third of its imports and exports Looking for companies &talents with an innovative vision and passion for creating a better world With a focus on smart technology, new energy, low carbon technologies, new materials and biotechnology With facilities and various supports for start-up companies doing R&D or Fortune 500 enterprises ready for business
  3. 3. Why Nanjing-An Innovation-Driven City 105 Independent R&D Organizations in the City 26 National Key Labs and Engineering Centers in the City More than 30 Multi-National Company R&D Centers 91 Fortune 500 companies in the city
  4. 4. Why Nanjing -Convenient Transportation & Mobility Global Connection ---Nanjing Lukou International Airport (20-min drive from CLIP) is the 2nd Largest Airport in East China National Networks -Connected to Major Cities in China by Inter-City Highways & High-Speed- Rails (2 hours to Shanghai, Hangzhou and 4 hours to Beijing) In and Around Nanjing –two subway lines and highways throughout and around the city International Airlines Nanjing-Frankfurt Nanjing-New York Nanjing-Los Angeles Nanjing-Nagoya Nanjing-Osaka Nanjing-Tokyo Nanjing-Bangkok Nanjing-Inchon (Seoul ) Nanjing-Hong Kong Nanjing-Singapore
  5. 5. Why Nanjing-Profound Cultural Heritage  2,500 years of history  One of Four Great Ancient Capitals of China  The capital of the Republic of China before the Chinese Civil War in 1949  One of the fifteen Sub-provincial cities in the Peoples Republic of Chinas administrative structure, which enjoy jurisdictional and economic autonomy almost as good as that of a province
  6. 6. Why Nanjing-City Honors  A modern city with a booming economy & great potential for innovation  Host city of the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games  UN-Habitat Special Honor Award  91 Fortune 500 companies in the city  A Top 10 Forbes Best Commercial Cities of Mainland, 2010  National center of education, research, transport networks and tourism  Same population as New York City in a seven times larger space: -Population: 8 million -Area: 6,598 sq km (2,547 sq mi)
  7. 7. Why Nanjing-The Great Nanjing Metropolitan & Economic Region for Business Composed of 8 cities in the surrounding area All cities are within one-hour driving distance from Nanjing All Cities in the Region are Connected by light rails With a combined area of 43,236 sq km (16,700 sq mi) and a population of 26 million people
  8. 8. Why Chi-Lin-The Symbolic Image of Chi-Lin ( 麒麟 ) Chi-Lin is a divine creature combines ancient Chinese culture Assembles the merits of many Chinese beloved animals The symbol of peace, harvest, fortune, longevity, benevolence and auspiciousness The most famous Chi-Lin carved stone is the imperial mausoleums of the Southern Dynasty(420 —589 ) located in Chi-Lin Technology Innovation Park
  9. 9. Why Chi-Lin -Adopting the Successful Model for Innovation in Silicon ValleyResearch & development infrastructure–collaboration with more than 50 high quality universities and 600 research institutesCutting-edge research–interact with80 prestigious academicians from the Chinese Academy of Science and TechnologyTalents–access to a talent pool of 700,000 university students and 70,000 Graduate studentsCapitals & funding– Seed funding provided by CLIP: available to start-ups, small/medium companies, as well as well-established multinational corporations Government funding managed by CLIP: a total of $3 billion RMB available Venture capital/private equity: CLIP makes equity investment on its own and helps to connect with other VCs Others: Technology Innovation Fund
  10. 10. Why Chi-Lin-Adopting the Successful Model for Innovation in Silicon ValleyIncentive policies– Tax support Lease management service Government financial subsidies Build-to-suit services Housing for employees and executives Public services platform PlatformLife style–think hard, work hard, play hard
  11. 11. Why Chi-Lin-Beautiful Eco City & the Most Prestigious R&D Hub in China  Founded in July, 2010  Development plan covers an area of 83 sq km with 53 sq km to be developed and more area for further expansion  Twice the size of Singapore and 1.4 the size of Manhattan  The first phase of CLIP will be finished in 2013 and the entire project completed by 2020  Adopting the philosophy of the New York City, with a central park (0.8km x 6.0km) located in the heart of CLIP  Use of green energy and recycled water for facilities LEED certification is required for every buildings in the park to meet environment needs and creat sustainable future
  12. 12. Why Chi-Lin-World Class Zone Planning by World Class firms  As the youngest and most vigorous zone in Nanjing and southeast China, World class planning firms are all invited to make a sustainable plan for the zone.  APA (American Planning Association) is invited in the overall planning of CLIP Other planning firms involving in the project including RMJM, SOM, Woods Bagot, Iwk&aPartners etc Environment Planning is made by ARUP, the energy planning firm for Beijing Olympics in 2008
  13. 13. Why Chi-Lin-Landscape of CLIP in 2020 Planned by SOM
  14. 14. Why Chi-Lin-The Chi-Lin Government Service Center Designed by GP
  15. 15. Why Chi-Lin-Easy Access to Amenities R&D facilities are designed and planned close to amenities Amenities: food and beverage facilities such as canteens, food courts and eating houses
  16. 16. Why Chi-Lin-Living Communities for People of Unique Demands Providing incentives for purchasing apartments in CLIP Affordable apartment Housing for employees Villas for executives
  17. 17. Why Chi-Lin-CLIP Eco Riverside View World class design of aquatic View——By FUTUREPOLIS Bike Lanes and walkways are designed along the river, creating a continuous walking experience for workers in the zone.
  18. 18. Why Chi-Lin-Core Industry---Software, Outsourcing, Smart tech etc As the most important development region in Nanjing city in the next 5 years, we have already attracted several anchor investors including PCCW-SionPec, Digital China etc PCITC, a JV set up by Sinopec and HK based telecom operator PCCW, a major player for providing IT solutions for industries, invested 10 Billion in CLIP, make CLIP as their R&D center
  19. 19. Why Chi-Lin-Core Industry---Software, Outsourcing, Smart tech etc Bird View on PCITC Smart City
  20. 20. Why Chi-Lin-Core Industry---Software, Outsourcing, Smart tech etc HK listed Digital China, one of the biggest IT solution provider in China, make CLIP as their HQ. The total investment will reach 2 Billion RMB. Bird View on Digital China HQ
  21. 21. Why Chi-Lin-Core Industry---Software, Outsourcing, Smart tech etc Jiangsu Provincial Cable Network Group invested 2.5 Billion RMB in CLIP as the Company’s HQ and R&D center for new generation of media technology Bird View
  22. 22. Why Chi-Lin-Commitment to Service Excellence We deeply understand we are the newest innovation park in Nanjing, so We will make 200% effort to lure more anchor investors and SMEs For More Information ,Pls Contact +86 25 68532223 or +86 1865 1865 727