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Caterpillar to Butterfly Self-coaching Session 3


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This presentation on self-image is used hand-in-hand with The Caterpillar to Butterfly Self-esteem Workbook which can be purchased at

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Caterpillar to Butterfly Self-coaching Session 3

  1. 1. THE CATERPILLAR TO BUTTERFLY Self-Coaching Session Part 3 – Building Body Confidence Presentation by I M CONFIDENT Niagara Canada Re-Created by Brenda Silveira 2018
  2. 2. IMPORTANT INFORMATION This is a self-led coaching session that is based on actual confidence coaching sessions and information contained in The Caterpillar to Butterfly Self-Esteem Workbook. Use them together build your knowledge base and give you the tools that are needed to build your confidence and increase your self-esteem. They will help keep you motivated and encourage you to move forward in life. Please note that our visual presentations and printed information are not intended to replace any professional help you may be receiving. Use them in conjunction with your current services and/or programs. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life situations or feel that this information is not helping you properly, please contact your health professional for assistance. YOUR LIFE IS VALUABLE!
  4. 4. THE ANSWER IS……BODY IMAGE Up to 70% of young females don’t participate fully in life’s activities because they feel bad about their body image Up to 45% of young males are unhappy with the way they look No matter if you are a female, male, a child, a teen, an adult or a senior – we all have some issues with our body image  READ PAGES 41 -42
  5. 5. DESCRIBE YOURSELF Look back at page 20. You were asked to describe yourself. Now that you have learned a bit more, has anything changed? Do you see yourself as a gift? Do you see your abilities? Can you see your inner beauty?
  7. 7. ? How does the young girl see herself? How do we see her? Why doesn’t she see herself the same way as we do? LOOK AT THIS PICTURE
  8. 8. A DISTORTED VIEW Our beliefs are often distorted because of what people said to us The media portrays unrealistic images of beauty and body image We see ourselves through the eyes of the world, not as we really are Here is what we should believe about ourselves………….
  9. 9. BEAUTY AROUND THE WORLD North America Around the world people have different views of what beauty is. Here is how beauty is portrayed in North America…..young, tall, skinny.
  10. 10. BEAUTY AROUND THE WORLD (ancient) China Ethopia In ancient China, they believed that tiny feet were beautiful. Foot bones were broken and bound which caused lifelong pain and difficulty in walking. Thankfully this is no longer practiced! In Southern Ethiopia, Karo girls have the skin cut on their stomachs and other parts of their bodies so they will have scars. This helps them get a husband because they think scars are beautiful.
  11. 11. BEAUTY AROUND THE WORLD Thai/Burma New Zealand The Pa Dong Tribe on the Thai/Burmese border believed that long, thin necks were beautiful. At about age 6, women had rings put around their necks and more added as they aged. These were removed on their wedding night. Wonder what happened to the women who didn’t marry? In New Zealand, Maori women have blue tattoos placed on their lips and chin because ultimate beauty is to have full blue lips.
  12. 12. BEAUTY AROUND THE WORLD Africa/Amazonia Mauritania/Nigeria In some African and Amazonian tribes, they believe a stretched lip is beautiful. A hole is made, gradually adding larger plates to increase lip size. Sometimes teeth even had to be removed. This may look strange to us, but these woman are considered to have status and good social position. Some of the women have stretched their lips so far that they can pull them over their own heads! In many African countries such as Mauritania and Nigeria, they pity skinny women. They believe that skinny people are poor and undernourished. Women eat as much as possible to become fat, even to the extreme of going to a Fat Farm.
  13. 13. SO WHAT IS THE REAL MEANING OF BEAUTY? From the previous slides, you can see that the world views beauty as an outward appearance, however this can be very different depending on where you come from. On page 42 it gives the proper definition of beauty and nowhere does it state that it means perfect. Unfortunately the world has twisted the meaning and leads us to believe we are lacking in something. FALSE – REAL – FALSE
  14. 14. HOW DO THESE IMAGES MAKE YOU FEEL? Frustrated? Like a failure? Like you don’t measure up
  15. 15. THE TRUTH ABOUT BEAUTY We are all different and unique Beauty can’t be bought so don’t waste money on worthless products The media shows a distorted idea of body image Beautiful, perfect people in the media are just ordinary and have flaws and imperfections that have been carefully concealed Beauty comes from within and shines right through for everyone to see Celebrate the differences in people and enjoy life
  16. 16. DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR Many companies purposely try to make you feel bad with their advertising. ‘You need this product.’ ‘You need this service.’ service.’ All they want to do is make money through your pain. Beauty cannot be bought, it is something that comes from within each one of us. We already have it, we just have to find it and develop it.
  17. 17. BUILDING CONFIDENCE Surrounding yourself with positive people, places, things will help you become more positive Avoid or limit negative people, places, things  READ PAGES 43 – 44 AND DO THE EXERCISES
  18. 18. OUR INNER AND OUTER CIRCLE On page 43 you made a list of your friends. Which ones should be in your inner circle and which ones in your outer circle? Think carefully! You may have some in the wrong circle.
  19. 19. DO YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL? The more confidence you have, the better you will feel about yourself and the easier it will be to deal with everyday struggles. Feeling confident helps you with relationships, work, school and finding your purpose in life.  READ PAGES 45 AND DO THE EXERCISE
  20. 20. A GOOD SELF-IMAGE STARTS WITH A HEALTHY BODY It is important that we take proper care of our bodies though good personal hygiene, healthy eating, exercising and getting adequate sleep.  PAGES 46 – 50 COVER ALL THESE TOPICS. READ THEM AND DO THE EXERCISES
  21. 21. DIET A proper diet is absolutely necessary for a healthy body. Improper dieting causes all sorts of health concerns.  READ PAGES 51 – 52 AND DO THE EXERCISE
  22. 22. HEALTHY EATING Change eating habits Create regular, long term plan of action Combine diet with exercise Stay positive Be realistic Be PATIENT!
  23. 23. DRESS and STYLE A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS. What kind of picture are you showing the public by the way you dress, your style and how you act? Are you hiding behind a mask?
  24. 24. LABELS When we meet someone for the first time, we put a label on them. This quick judgement is often unfair and unrealistic because we don’t really know the person at all. Often we share our distorted opinion with others which becomes their distorted opinion and so on. Would it be fair for someone to judge you when they don’t know you? If we want people to be fair with us, we have to be fair with them and set a good example.  READ PAGE 53 – 54 AND DO THE EXERCISE.
  25. 25. A PERSONAL MAKEOVER  READ PAGE 55 AND DO THE EXERCISE. Do you need a personal makeover? Most of us would like to change our appearance, but what about our thoughts, actions and words. It is important to look good but what about the things that go on inside our minds? These are far more important. Maybe you could even help someone else do a personal makeover. Do you know anyone could use your support?
  26. 26. DEVELOP A NEW SELF-IMAGE Be positive about how you look Don’t put yourself down Accept yourself for who you are Stop trying to be somebody else Use your strengths and abilities Develop your inner beauty Be a positive role model for others