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Caterpillar to Butterfly Self-Coaching Session 1


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This slide presentation on self-awareness goes hand in hand with The Caterpillar to Butterfly Self-Esteem Workbook which can be purchased on my website www.imconfident .com

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Caterpillar to Butterfly Self-Coaching Session 1

  1. 1. THE CATERPILLAR TO BUTTERFLY SELF-COACHING SESSION Part 1 – Self-awareness Presentation by I M CONFIDENT Niagara Canada Re-Created 2018 by Brenda Silveira
  2. 2. ABOUT THIS PROGRAM This is a self-led coaching session that is based on actual confidence coaching sessions and information contained in The Caterpillar to Butterfly Self-Esteem Workbook. Use them together build your knowledge base and give you the tools that are needed to build your confidence and increase your self-esteem. They will help keep you motivated and encourage you to move forward in life. Please note that our visual presentations and printed information are not intended to replace any professional help you may be receiving. Use them in conjunction with your current services and/or programs. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life situations or feel that this information is not helping you properly, please contact your health professional for assistance. YOUR LIFE IS VALUABLE!
  3. 3. People want instant gratification today. We want things to change quickly and we want everything to happen NOW! However, even though some changes are quick, most take time, especially if they are going to be of any benefit to us. If we want good changes to happen, it requires that we open our mind and heart. Change is a process that is ongoing and it requires a commitment and taking action. We all need to make changes in our lives and everyone can change if they really want to. So lets get started on making some awesome changes! ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY  READ PAGES 2 - 8
  4. 4. Many people don’t really know who they are. • Do you know who you are or are you living your life according to other people’s expectations? • Are you hiding behind a mask so others can’t see the real you? • Have you put up walls to protect yourself? • Do you see your abilities, skills and strengths or do you only see flaws, imperfections, failures? It is time to become more self-aware of who you really are. KNOW THYSELF. ~Plato
  5. 5. STAGE OF OUR LIVES TURN TO PAGE 9 The stages in our lives are similar to those of a caterpillar. Answer the questions on this page to determine what stage you are at now and what stage you want to reach.
  6. 6. CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM Do you know the difference between confidence and self- esteem? Simply stated – confidence is something that other people see and self-esteem is something that only we can see. The picture of the dog shows confidence – we can see he is happy running. The picture of the cat shows self-esteem. We can see the cat but the cat can see the strong lion inside.
  7. 7. HOW DO WE GAIN THE CONFIDENCE TO BECOME BUTTERFLIES? We can do this through: 1. Doing a honest self-evaluation 2. Learning to accept ourselves 3. Changing our self-image  Read page 10 and do the self- evaluation exercise.
  8. 8. POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS What do you say when you wake up in the morning? Think about the first words that come out of your mouth. Are they positive words that lift you up and make you feel good or are they negative words that drag you down and make you feel bad?  Read page 11 and do the exercise. Then do the exercise on page 12. Did you learn something new about yourself?
  9. 9. SELF-ACCEPTANCE  Read page 13 and do the exercise – accepting yourself. Then list your strengths and weaknesses and do the exercise on page 14. It is important that we focus on our abilities and work hard to reach our potential. We ALL have unique worth and value.
  10. 10. 3) SELF-IMAGE We show others how we feel about ourselves through our appearance and actions. Our inner beauty tells others that we value ourselves and it can make a huge impact on the way they see us. It is important that we try to look our best but outer beauty fades and isn’t consistent.  Read page 15 and do the exercise about your self- image.
  11. 11. There’s a difference between pretty and beautiful. When someone is pretty, they have a good appearance. But when someone is beautiful, they shine on both the inside and outside.
  12. 12. SELF-ESTEEM When we feel good about ourselves and can accept our strengths and weaknesses, we will build confidence and our self-esteem will grow. Read pages 16 - 17 and do the exercise.
  13. 13. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO BECOME CONFIDENT IN TODAY’S WORLD? Society continually pressures us to become perfect in a world that is imperfect. Think of ways that you are pressured daily to become someone you are not. Write down your thoughts on the notes pages at the end of the workbook.
  14. 14. DO YOU PLAY THE COMPARISON GAME? Most of us play the comparison game in one way or another. However, it is a game we can never win. There will always be someone who is smarter, richer, more popular and better looking. We all want to fit in and be accepted by others but we are looking externally instead of making changes within ourselves. However, our value doesn’t come from what we look like , what we know or what we have. Our value comes from who we are. Look at the next slide and see if you are one of these game players.
  15. 15. THE COMPARISON GAME I wish I looked like Barb. She is so beautiful.
  16. 16. IT’S TIME TO STOP BEATING OURSELVES UP! Life is NOT perfect People are NOT perfect The grass is NOT really greener on the other side of the fence Happiness does NOT come from outside, it comes from inside
  17. 17. Make positive changes in our lives Start believing in ourselves Start being a good example to others Start helping others believe in themselves SO WHAT CAN WE DO?
  18. 18. Are you experiencing high levels of stress in your life? Stress is accepted as a normal part of life but too much stress is very damaging to our health. How can we control the stress in our lives? S.T.R.E.S.S. Read pages 18 – 19 and do the exercises.
  19. 19. Find a mirror and look directly into it. Who do you see? NOW LET’S FIND THE BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES! Read pages 20 – 21 and do the exercises.
  20. 20. …is the ONLY ONE who can make you happy! THE PERSON YOU SAW IN THE MIRROR
  21. 21. *You don’t have to let the world stress you out YOU ARE THE BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY! *You don’t have to be like anyone else *You are one of a kind *You are unique *YOU ARE SPECIAL!
  22. 22. WHATDOYOULIKE ABOUTYOURSELF? Read page 22 and do the exercise. Then take a few minutes and do the Positive Shapes Activity. This will help remind you daily what an awesome person you really are!!!
  23. 23. BEING POSITIVE DOESN’T COME NATURALLY  Read page 23 to discover things that will help you become more positive. …it takes a lot of hard work and patience.
  24. 24. Here is a list of some things that will help you become more positive. Decide what you are willing and able to do and write them done. □ Change what I watch on TV □ Read books that inspire me □ Listen to music that uplifts me □ Start exercising regularly □ Eat healthy foods □ Join an interest group □ Volunteer for a local organization □ Visit a local church □ Start a hobby □ Your idea……. A CHECKLIST
  25. 25. BEING POSITIVE HELPS ALL OF US STAY HEALTHY physically spirituallymentallyemotionally  Turn to page 24 and circle all the qualities that pertain to you. There should be lots!!
  26. 26. WE CAN ALL BE BUTTERFLIES!  Turn to page 25 and draw or paste your picture in the space.