Caterpillar to Butterfly (part 3) Building Body Confidence


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Presentation on self-image. Learn how society creates unrealistic images of beauty and discover the truth about what real beauty is. Learn how to create a new, positive look which will help boost self-esteem.
This slide presentation is based on the Caterpillar to Butterfly Self-Esteem Workbook that was created by I M Confident Niagara Canada. The workbook has 84 pages of information that will provide you with the tools needed to get you started on your own personal journey to happiness and success plus activities to reinforce what you have learned. You can order your own copy today or download the e-book immediately. Visit for more information.

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Caterpillar to Butterfly (part 3) Building Body Confidence

  1. 1. IS YOUR LIFE FULL OF HAPPINESS? ARE YOU SUCCESSFUL? Most people search endlessly for happiness and success but many fail because they lack confidence and have little self-esteem. Is it really possible to find happiness and success? YES, but there are NO quick fixes and NO easy methods as others may promise. It takes a personal commitment to a lifetime of hard work and patience. The following slide presentation will take you on a journey into your self-image, help you discover things about yourself and show you how to develop ways to look your best. By creating a new look, it will give you added confidence and boost your self-esteem.
  2. 2. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Please note that our visual presentations and printed information are not intended to replace any professional help you are receiving. Use them in conjunction with your current services and/or programs. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life situations or feel this information is not helping you properly, please contact your health professional for assistance.
  3. 3. BEAUTY IS THE GIFT OF GOD. ~Aristotle Beauty is certainly a gift and it comes to different people in different ways. Some are given beautiful skin or eyes, others have beautiful personalities or talents. Gifts should be treated with care and respect. However, people often: Don’t like their gift and want someone else’s Damage or destroy their gift Want to give their gift away Keep their gift wrapped or hidden and don’t use it
  4. 4. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR GIFT? Beautiful or ugly Smart or stupid Talented or dumb A success or failure Loving or unlovable Two people can have many of the same attributes, but can see themselves in a very different way. It all relates to how confident we are and the level of our self-esteem.
  5. 5. WHAT DO YOU THINK BEAUTY IS? A certain movie star An expensive home or car A new outfit Nature A baby
  6. 6. THE MEANING OF BEAUTY The dictionary states that beauty is: Pleasing and impressive qualities of something Pleasing personal appearance A fine example An excellent aspect Most people believe beauty is: A perfect figure Flawless skin Soft, flowing hair A body adorned with expensive clothing and jewellery
  7. 7. REAL BEAUTY Real beauty is a light that shines from within each and every individual. It does not just reflect how we look on the outside, it comes from: Inside not outside Your character (actions and words) Confidence and good self-esteem Inner beauty is a powerful light that shines brightly for all to see.
  8. 8. FEELING BEAUTIFUL How do you feel when someone tells you that you look nice? Great, feel good about yourself Upset and wonder why they are being nice Embarrassed and want to hide
  9. 9. WE ALL REACT DIFFERENTLY WHEN COMPLIMENTED People who are confident will feel good People who lack trust and have little confidence may think there is an ulterior motive People with low esteem will not believe the praise is true
  10. 10. IN ORDER TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL, we must… Have inner beauty Have confidence and good self-esteem Be able to love ourselves (not in a selfish or harmful way) Take care of our mind, body, soul and spirit Have a purpose in life
  11. 11. PERSONAL HYGIENE Beauty starts with a clean body and mind Cleanliness is important for good physical and mental health Healthy bodies require daily care Looking and smelling good helps you build confidence Confidence is attractive to others and will help promote you in relationships, work and finding a life purpose
  12. 12. DAILY WASHING Your body has almost 3 million sweat glands and can produce up to a pint of sweat each day. Daily washing (shower or bath) will keep your skin clean and minimize bacterial problems Clean all areas of body thoroughly with a mild soap Rinse off soap carefully to avoid residue that will dry skin Use a clean towel to dry skin completely Use deodorant or anti-perspirant Put on clean underwear and clothing If you have allergies or rashes, check with a doctor for special products you can use.
  13. 13. HAIR CARE When we have a ‘bad hair day’, we usually have negative feelings about ourselves and this affects our self-esteem. It is important to keep hair clean and healthy. Here are some basic guidelines: Wash as often as necessary with a mild shampoo and conditioner Rinse hair well Comb and dry hair carefully to avoid breakage Get cut regularly to keep it looking good
  14. 14. YOUR HAIR STYLE It is important to choose the proper hairstyle. Don’t pick one that looks good on someone else or just rely on what others say. Consider: Your personality – conservative, outrageous, somewhere between Personal attributes – age, weight, hair texture, skin colour, shape of head, body features Cost/time/ability – should be inexpensive and easy to maintain
  15. 15. SKIN and MAKEUP Beautiful, healthy skin is not always a reflection of the products you use Products cover up flaws and enhance beauty Makeup gives a false sense of confidence Basic skin care combined with a minimum of makeup brings out natural beauty
  16. 16. SKIN CARE The best ways to care for your skin are: Drinking water Eating healthy Exercising regularly Getting adequate sleep Using a proper moisturizer and sunscreen
  17. 17. WATER Experts say we should drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Water: Re-hydrates your body Detoxifies body through food digestion & elimination of waste Increases energy Lubricates joints Carries oxygen to the brain
  18. 18. DIET A proper diet is necessary for a healthy body. It isn’t all that difficult, just requires a change in eating habits. Eat slowly, don’t skip meals, eat smaller portions Avoid sugar and fried foods Cut back on caffeine, salt, fatty foods, red meat, eggs Eat more fruit, vegetables, foods with fiber and calcium
  19. 19. EXERCISE You should try to exercise at least 30 minutes per day when possible. If time is a problem, do a few minutes several times per day. Exercise: Burns calories Increases energy Improves physical, mental, emotional life Walking is a an excellent choice if you can’t afford to join a club or exercise group.
  20. 20. SLEEP A relaxing, restorative sleep allows your body to fully recover from any stress it encounters during the day. We need to “sleep like a baby”. Most people require 7-8 hours sleep Patterns should be set to suit lifestyle Try to resolve problems before going to bed or they will keep you awake Hunger will also keep you awake
  21. 21. MAKEUP HINTS Use makeup sparingly. The natural look is the most attractive. Makeup that is applied incorrectly or too heavily can make you look worse and cause skin irritations. Apply a moisturizer to match skin type Use a natural shade of foundation Apply blush lightly Apply eye shadow/liner and lipstick to suit your colouring and compliment clothing
  22. 22. HANDS and NAILS It is important to wash your hands often and thoroughly, to avoid picking up germs. Nail care is also very important. Hands should be washed: Before and after eating Before and after preparing food After cleaning your home or working outside After using the washroom After touching animals or anything that is dirty After visiting anyone who is sick
  23. 23. NAIL CARE If you have a healthy body, you will have healthy nails. Brittle or discoloured nails show deficiencies or disease conditions. Keep nails clean and cut regularly Clip in rounded or squared shape Moisturize so nails don’t dry out Wear gloves when necessary to keep clean and avoid breakage Use nail polish sparingly as it can cause nails to split
  24. 24. DRESS and STYLE A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS. What kind of picture are you showing the public by the way you dress, your style and how you act? Is it a true picture of who you really are or do you hide behind a mask to cover up your flaws and imperfections? Many of us live false lives under the disguise of someone we want to be, and are not really showing our true self to other people.
  25. 25. LABELS When we meet someone for the first time, we put a label on them, according to: The clothing they are wearing Their hair style and accessories How they talk and how they act This quick review is often inaccurate as we don’t really know that person. They may also be hiding behind a mask to disguise their real self.
  26. 26. WHO AM I? How would you label these people? Confident businesswomen Homeless bum Rich playboy Prostitute How can we label someone we don’t even know? The confident businesswomen may be unemployed, lack confidence and going to a job interview. The homeless bum might have just lost his wife to cancer and lost all his money to pay for her medical bills. The rich playboy may have no money at all, but is going for a night on the town wearing his only suit jacket. The prostitute may be a well-endowed teacher having a bad day in the intense heat – the tattoo is from her teen years. Our labels were totally unfair.
  27. 27. A CLEAR PICTURE Important to give others a clear picture of our true identity Labels need to be removed that others have put on us Need to become confident in who we really are Stop labelling others before we know them better
  28. 28. LOOK GOOD and FEEL GOOD Remember a time you dressed up for a party, wedding or special occasion. How did you feel? Probably very good. Clothing has a direct effect on our attitude Special clothing makes us feel special Casual clothing makes us feel casual Dirty work clothes make us feel dirty and grubby
  29. 29. DRESS FOR SUCCESS Society puts a lot of pressure on us to ‘dress for success’ by: Spending money on designer clothing Continually changing to a new style This is a costly venture that many people can’t afford. We need to realize that success is not based on what we wear, but instead on who we are.
  30. 30. INDIVIDUALITY It is interesting that society tells us to be individuals, yet in order to belong to a group of people, we are supposed to: Dress in the same style Believe in the same things Talk the same way Act in the same manner Where does individuality fit into this? Is this a new concept – group individuality?
  31. 31. IMAGE and CONFIDENCE When children start school, they are judged mostly by how they look. If they don’t fit in with the other children, they: Develop a poor self-image Become obsessed with how they look Try hard to look good instead of studying and learning Have little confidence
  32. 32. A PERSONAL MAKEOVER Many people could use a Personal Makeover. This requires an honest look at our unique individuality. Dressing like someone else won’t give you confidence in your own personal image A personal makeover takes time and patience and starts on the inside Positive changes in dress style can have positive changes in our relationships, at work and our attitude towards life
  33. 33. ECONOMY MAKEOVER A personal makeover doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are several discount or liquidation stores and second hand shops that carry items at low, economical prices. New and nearly new clothing Hair and skin products Makeup Accessories You can even find a wide variety of products to decorate your home at these locations. Go with a friend and have some fun!!
  34. 34. Thank-you for viewing this presentation. The Caterpillar to Butterfly Self-Esteem Workbook will help you get started on your journey to happiness and success. Order your copy today! Visit our website for order information.