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This powerpoint will humor you (hopefully) while giving you a visual guide down my memory lane.

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Slideshare ps2

  1. 1. My Favorite PS2 games I played as a kid…..Sometimes still play.
  2. 2. I acquired this game through my step brothers I lived with for 10 years.
  3. 3. My brother’s friend gave me around 10 games from his PS2 game collection when I was 11. This was the only one I liked.
  4. 4. This game… My older step brother would let me borrow this game when I was 11, even though my mom would flip out on me when she caught me playing it.
  5. 5. I’ve actually owned this game twice. My first copy was stolen along with the rest of my friends belongings when his house was robbed.
  6. 6. This game, I NEVER get bored with. :)
  7. 7. This game I Was definitely NOT supposed To play but That didn’t Stop me. (:
  8. 8. I actually acquired recently, around two years ago but still play it because I enjoy the physics behind the game.
  9. 9. I first played this game at my brother’s dad’s house in Escondido when My brother and I were separated.
  10. 10. My older step brother gave me this game when I was little but pretty much got bored with fairly quick.
  11. 11. I never got bored with this game!!! I’d say I got this game when I was around 11 or 12. Oh, and the hole in the “a” in “grand” is a hole from my airsoft gun ricochet.
  12. 12. This game kept my sister and I very close for a decent amount of time. We must have beat this game 4 times.
  13. 13. When this game first came out, I knew it was my DESTINY to play this game and I still swear to this day, this was the best Guitar Hero.
  14. 14. I got this game from my least favorite older step brother when I was 13. This game was fun to free roam in but that’s it.
  15. 15. This game was Very entertaining because My friend and I would put the BIGGEST boxer against that SMALLEST boxer possible and see who would win. It was very hilarious.
  16. 16. I got this game when I was about 14, and remember how freakin’ difficult it was, but I loved it. My favorite feature was this thing called Nail the Trick.
  17. 17. For some weird reason, I always tried and tried to beat this game but couldn’t. Now it sits on the floor somewhere not being searched for.
  18. 18. This game I borrowed from a friend that never asked for it back. I beat it and pretty much haven’t even looked at it in a long time.
  19. 19. This game holds a great memory of bonding between my sister and I. We would play this game for days on end kicking the crap out of each other.
  20. 20. I played this game with my older step-brother when I was about 9 (I think)
  21. 21. I actually only played this game with my older blood brother Cameron, who was amazing at this game and kicked my @ss.