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IT Security Trends 2013


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Presentation for ISO & SECURITY MASHUP Seminar: Organized by Asian Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd. &
E-Cqurity (Thailand) Co., Ltd

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IT Security Trends 2013

  1. 1. ISO & SECURITY MASHUP Seminar: Organized byAsian Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd. &E-Cqurity (Thailand) Co., Ltd. IT Security Trends 2013Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thanachart NumnondaExecutive DirectorIMC Institute21 January 2013
  2. 2. Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2012 2013Media tablets and beyond Mobile Device BattlesMobile-centric applications and Mobile Applications and HTML5interfaces Personal CloudSocial &contextual user experience Enterprise App StoresApplication stores and marketplace The Internet of ThingsThe Internet of everything Hybrid IT and Cloud ComputingNext-generation analytics Strategic Big DataBig data Actionable AnalyticsIn-memory computing In Memory ComputingExtreme low-energy servers Integrated EcosystemsCloud computing 2
  3. 3. Cloud Computing Mobile ComputingSocial Technologies Information 3
  4. 4. Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) 4
  5. 5. Public Personal Cloud 5
  6. 6. “Social computing is moving frombeing just on the outside of the organizationto being at the core of business operations.”Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president at Gartner, 2012 6
  7. 7. “Big data currently has the most significant impact in social network analysis and content analytics with 45% of new spending each year.” Gartner, 2012 7
  8. 8. Sign of the Times1995: Employee Car2005: Employee Cell Phone2015: Employee Computer / Devices 8
  9. 9. Mobile in EnterpriseGartner forecasts that in 2016, half of all non-PCdevices will be purchased by employees. By the endof the decade, half of all devices in business will bepurchased by employees.By 2016, 60% of large enterprises will implementlimited access network zones to limit the connectivityof personally owned mobile devices.Gartner predicts that through 2017, 90% ofenterprises will have two or more mobile operatingsystems to support. 9
  10. 10. Security Trends Security investments are going to dramatically increase. An already large security market is about to get much bigger, growing by 56% from current levels in five years time, while cloud security will almost triple. More than 50% of firms currently providing identity access management as a service (IAMaaS) and cloud-based IAM solutions will be acquired by larger service providers by year-end 2015. 10Source :
  11. 11. Security Trends Through 2013, 80% of cloud security incidents will be due to administrative error by cloud service providers or user management of cloud services. For low-security environments, or for workloads that have simple security requirements, relying on the security built into structure or into the public cloud service will be good enough At the high end, security will be kept separate from private or public cloud infrastructure -- just as we did when internal networks were virtualized 11Source :
  12. 12. Security Trends The vast middle will compromise and run security workloads in the private cloud and public cloud environments. There is an urgent need for companies to separate personal and business operations on consumer smartphones and tablets (both company- and user- owned) 12Source
  13. 13. Seven Top Security Trends For 2013 13
  14. 14. Mainstream Cloud and Mobile Adoption Seeks Security 14Source
  15. 15. Businesses Begin Sandboxing Smartphone Apps 15Source
  16. 16. Cloud Offers Unprecedented Attack Strength 16Source
  17. 17. Post-Flashback, Cross-Platform Attacks Increase 17Source
  18. 18. Destructive Malware Targets Critical Infrastructure 18Source
  19. 19. Hackers Target QR Codes, TecTiles 19Source
  20. 20. Digital Wallets Become Cybercrime Targets 20Source
  21. 21. SummaryMega IT Trends : Cloud Computing, MobileTechnology, Social Technology and Information.Enterprise IT Impact: BYOD, Personal Cloud,Social Enterprise.7 Top IT Security Trends: Mostly based on CSMI: – Cloud Security, Mobile Security, Cross Platform, Mobile Wallet, QR Code, Critical Infrastructure 21
  22. 22. Thank 22