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IaaS Trends: Migrate Servers to Cloud


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Presentation by K. Pradit Pinyopasakul(Head of Commercial, True IDC) at seminar on IT Trends 2014 by IMC Institute; 20-21 November 2014

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IaaS Trends: Migrate Servers to Cloud

  1. 1. IaaS Trends: Migrate Servers to Cloud Pradit Pinyopasakul November 20, 2013
  2. 2. Topics • Introducing True Internet Data Center • Cloud Computing in Thailand • How to transform IT service • True Cloud Services • Case Study
  3. 3. Convergence Lifestyle Enabler Wireless Business Group • Best 3G+ / First 4G Network in Thailand • Over 100,000 WiFi hotspots throughout the country Wire line Business Group • 2.6 million fixed lines in Bangkok and perimeter • High speed Internet: xDSL / DOCSIS / FTTH Pay TV Business Group • Largest subscription TV operator in Thailand • Over 100 quality channels from all around the world Content Business Group • Lifestyle content and applications • Largest online shopping with over 150,000 shops Electronic cash and payment service
  4. 4. True IDC Background Internet Data Center 2 sites @ True Tower @ Muang Thong Thani 1st Internet Data Center certified ISO 20000 : IT Service Management ISO 27001 : Information Security Management BS25999 : Business Continuity Management Frost & Sullivan Thailand Excellence Awards : Infrastructure as a Server Vendor of the year 2013
  5. 5. True Internet Data Center
  6. 6. Data Center world map USA 1,000+ EU Zone 500+ Asia 200+ (Data Center Map, 2013)
  7. 7. Internet Data Center Asia Map India 75+ Hong Kong 25+ Japan 35+ Thailand 10+ Malaysia 25+ Data Center Map, 2013 Singapore 15+
  8. 8. Development of Services Y2003 Y2008 Y2010 Y2012 Y2013 IT as a Service True IDC 1st DC 400 sqm. 2nd DC 800 sqm. + DR Office First IaaS in Thailand Develop VMWare Cloud Existing DC 10,000 sqm.
  9. 9. Internet Data Center Market analysis  Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia is double digit growth of hosting and network management services.  Vietnam Co-location is second priority below Hosted Application Management  Singapore still major player in ASEAN with highest number of geographical links and channels, most trunks are landed direct to Singapore before go through other nodes. But Singapore Data Center is difficult to expand due to limitation of land.  Budget on Data Center in Asia Pacific is 12% compare to rest of the world Source: IDC, 2012
  10. 10. Cloud Computing in Thailand
  11. 11. , Risk Cloud Computing’ Benefits
  12. 12. Cost Reduction
  13. 13. Cloud vs. Traditional server deployment timeframe On Service Installation 5x – 10x FASTER Delivery process Purchasing process Capacity planning On Service Installation Purchasing process Gather requirement Traditional deployment Gather requirement Cloud deployment
  14. 14. Capacity versus Demand Curve CAPEX Rising Demand Scenario Capacity Falling Demand Scenario Time
  15. 15. Data Center Workloads 200 CAGR 39% 180 160 140 112.10 (62%) 120 88.40 (57%) 100 67.90 52%) 49.70 (46%) 80 60 21.30 (30%) 33.50 (39%) 40 20 CAGR 7% 49.8 53.1 58.3 63.7 66.7 68.5 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 0 Traditional data center workloads Cloud data center workloads Source: Intel
  16. 16. Market Size: Thailand Cloud Million USD $78 million
  17. 17. Thailand Cloud Ecosystem SaaS Providers International PaaS Providers IaaS Providers Cloud Community Infrastructure Providers Gov. Agency
  18. 18. Thailand Cloud Status IaaS • Most data centers are Virtualized and Server Consolidated • Some deploy on-demand public cloud service and explore hybrid cloud • Many large enterprises focus on building a private cloud PaaS • • No provider in Thailand Many ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) now migrate to Azure, Amazon. SaaS • Most solutions are Web application, but change business model. • Few deploy full cloud platforms. • More international solutions. • Users: large free clouds consumption. • SMEs start to explore Cloud.
  19. 19. How we support Software Startups True Winner Project (2011) • True with Software Park • Support Thai software developers to develop SaaS • Sponsored Cloud infrastructure as a service and helps to promote. True Incube (2013) • Incubate entrepreneurs in creating successful business • True supports initial $5.8 Million seeding fund, training, co-working space at Launchpad.
  20. 20. Asia Cloud Computing Readiness Index (Asia Cloud Computing Association, Oct 2012)
  21. 21. Issues of Cloud Service in Thailand Source : NSTDA, 2013
  22. 22. Cloud Computing
  23. 23. Transform Your IT Infrastructure
  24. 24. Software-Defined Data Center Intelligence Will Be Abstracted Creating Pools Of Data Center Services
  25. 25. Journey to Provide IT Services Processing Processing Processing Processing Applications Applications Applications Applications OS OS OS OS Storage Server Network Storage Server Network Storage Server Network Storage Server Network Facility Facility Facility Facility Co-location IaaS SaaS Business process outsourcing MPLS / VPN Service Provider Customer • Cloud computing: next stage of Network evolution • Key to improve the IT services: IT integration capability
  26. 26. Evolve to ITaaS
  27. 27. Two Different IaaS Markets Enterprise • Enterprise-focus • Managed Service/ITOcompatible • End to end SLA guarantee. • Hybrid compatible • Network convergence • Security / Regulation compliance. • High Performance Enterprise Standard • Low Cost • Highlystandardized • Developer-focus • Startupcompatible • Full automation Customization Telco’s Differentiation Advantage (in red) SLAs Performance Service / Support Hybrid Cloud / IT Integration User Self-service 3rd Party APPs SMB Cloud Management System SME Hardware Network Data Center
  28. 28. Public Cloud Booming, while tend to localized SME Oriented Public Cloud ( commodity ) Enterprise Oriented Hybrid Cloud (Localization) Enterprise Private Cloud SMB VPN CSP VPC Hosted Private Cloud CSP • Business Drivers for Telco : ICT transformation, defend traditional IDC services, improve operational margin.
  29. 29. 2013 IT Spending Survey Which IaaS services do you currently use? Do you expect to use in 3-5 years? Source: Goldman Sachs
  30. 30. How to transform IT service ??
  31. 31. Transform Your IT Infrastructure
  32. 32. Transform Your IT Infrastructure Two Types of Workloads • • • • Traditional Applications Expect reliability Back-up everything HA, Fault tolerance Admin control recovery e.g. SAP, Oracle, AutoCAD, Exchange Cloud Computing – Scale up • • • • Cloud Native Design for failure Ephemeral resource Multi-site redundancy Self-service recovery e.g. Big Data, High performance computing, Social, Gaming Cloud Computing – Scale out
  33. 33. Design a zone for Traditional Application workload
  34. 34. Design a zone for Cloud native workload
  35. 35. Transform Your IT Infrastructure
  36. 36. Cloud Management VM Operation • • • • Start Stop Restart Terminate • • Remote Desktop SSH, Putty Change Specification Monitoring Console Access • • • CPU Utilized RAM Utilized Network Configuration • • • • • • Cloud type Change Package Add/ Remove Server Add/ Remove CPU Add/ Remove RAM Add/ Remove Storage
  37. 37. True Cloud Services
  38. 38. True IDC Multi-Platform Public Cloud Open-source Cloud Enterprise Cloud Cost Effective (KVM-based Hypervisor) Flexibility with Guaranteed SLA (VMWare Hypervisor) Customized for Specific Usage • • • DR on Cloud Virtual Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Software as a Service HR, ERP, CRM, Account Management, E-mail, Intranet, Website Lesson Learned! Market Place is needed.
  39. 39. Cloud Technology by VMWare VM w are's I nnovation, Ex cellence and Strategic I m portance Have Been Recognized By M ore Than 280 I ndustry Accolades and Aw ards Source : Vmotion (migrate server without downtime)
  40. 40. How’s it work? Planned Downtime High Load * LUN = Logical Unit Number, Logical Disk
  41. 41. Site Recovery Manager – Data Disaster Recovery The one ISP who Guarantee SLA 99.99% Production SiteMuangthong Thani * Optional service DR SiteTrue Tower
  42. 42. Variety of Requirements Customization required: • Web Hosting (pre-configured server) • Game Server (different usage behavior) • Render Farm (computing-communication intensive) • Email Exchange (flexibility with application)
  43. 43. Key Benefit of True Cloud Services • • • • • • • • • Highly Performance and Security of Server Infrastructure Highly Bandwidth with no extra charge Flexible and enable to upgrade (Pay as You GO) High Availability Mode (HA) for Enterprise Cloud SLA 99.95% for Enterprise Cloud No Investment and MA Cost Server include Public IP address, Monitoring Tools Optional for SPLA of Microsoft Supported multi-purpose e.g. Web server, Mail server, Database server
  44. 44. Virtual Private Cloud Enterprise Private Cloud • Security isolation with other tenants' renting resource (VPC) • Provides flexible VPC templates for different SLA requirement DB VM • application deployment VPN vLB vFW Router VPC vLAN /Subnet VPC True Public Cloud vLAN /Subnet App VM Web VM Web VM
  45. 45. Hybrid Cloud Enterprise • Co-location • Managed Hosting • Enterprises with Co-location IT, require rapid expansion for additional resources due to business needs WebServer DB Server • Unified resources presentation and management of Co-location IT resource and VPC • Secure connection between managed IT systems and VPC Storage VPN EIP vLB vFW Router VPC vLAN /Subnet VPC vLAN /Subnet app Telco Public Cloud web web
  46. 46. Managed Virtual Private Cloud for Large Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud with DR 30+ DC and Branch offices Branch Office Datacenter VPC 1 Datacenter 2 Branch Office 1 2 Datacenter Challenges 3 Branch Office Low resource utilization <20%  50+% TCO used for maintenance  Low reliability of service systems  Long service rollout period (months)  VPC Branch Office Solutions & Benefits  Physical servers : 200 reduce to 64  Migrate 48 IT applications to cloud Resource utilization increased to 70%  service rollout from months to weeks 
  47. 47. Case Study 1 Pulp and Paper Manufacturer : E-Commerce website Solution -Using cloud servers to replace physical servers for E-Commerce website Benefit - Cost effective, high speed - Address normal requirements - Simple to use Best Suitable with -Open-source cloud
  48. 48. Case Study 2 International Healthcare Solutions : Production servers Solution -Using Cloud server for Critical Business Benefit -Availability Guaranteed -Backup solution -Load balancer -Monitoring service -Personal firewall Best Suitable with -Enterprise cloud
  49. 49. Case Study 3 Fast Food Restaurant Chain: Disaster Recovery on Cloud Solution -Disaster Recovery on cloud Benefit -Flexibility -Support different BCP Plan (different RTO, RPO) Best Suitable with -Customized Cloud Internet MPLS Private Link Headquarter Server 01 Server 02 VPN Firewall Disaster Site Backup/ Replicate Software Server 03 Server 04 Server 01 Server 02 Resource SAN Storage Server 03 Server 04
  50. 50. Conclusion True IDC’s Multi-Platform Public Cloud aims at addressing variety of requirements across Broad base of customers by Leveraging True Group Strengths.