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Data Rules


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Presentation on "Open Data" by Pravit Chattalada; ATCI

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Data Rules

  1. 1. Data Rules The Association of Thai ICT Industry สมาคมอุตสาหกรรมเทคโนโลยีสารสนเทศไทย July 2014 Pravit Chattalada
  2. 2. The World without Data Use
  3. 3. • Contents • Big Data • Contextual Information • Data • Hardware • Software Man lives and prospers by Data
  4. 4. Linear vs. Exponential Changes • Digitization • Networking • Miniaturization • Artificial Intelligence • Analytics Time Speed of Events • Unpredictable • Disruptive • 90% World Data in Two Years • Defining New Generation
  5. 5. Internet would catastrophically collapse Portable phone wouldn’t replace the landline soon Remote shopping would flop No reason to have a tablet anymore Subscription-based music services would not fly Robert Metcalfe Martin Cooper Thorsten Heins Steve Jobs Prediction
  6. 6. The Linear Legacy • Depending on Seniority & Position • We Know Best • “Our Ways” blinds them to alternatives • Questioning to stay the course • Yield to the Conventional system • “Advisor Fatigue” Effect
  7. 7. The Exponential Growth World • Power belongs to those who connect and embrace information • Uncustomary innovation provokes response • Disruptive innovations form a system that kicks back unintended consequences • Information & Connectedness obsolete solution as parts • Problem must be solved through System thinking
  8. 8. System Thinking • Relationships, Correlations, Connectedness • Process rather than structure • All parts must happen at once • Patterns of system rather than contents • Context
  9. 9. Management & Leadership Thailand’s Problem Government thinking and acting not caught up with Exponential Changes Lack of Speed and Sense of Urgency Process
  10. 10. Information holds all Systems together Environmental Degradation Govern Ment Corruption Economic volatility Crime Human Traffick- ing Drug addiction Problems cannot be solved as parts
  11. 11. Reform Is a Journey Data
  12. 12. Accessible public data that people, businesses, organizations can make use for analysis of patterns, trends and making decisions Open Data New Opportunities
  13. 13. Some Thoughts • Culture change slow - Open to changing ourselves • Reform/legislate IT related laws/regulations • Use IT for government transformation rather than automation • MICT ineffectiveness is not on structure and name, it’s lack of leadership and competent people
  14. 14. Some Thoughts • Rethink management assignment - Rebuild government IT workforce • Adoption of Open Data policy • Privatize government IT agencies - Japan IPA • Set up public & private sector Systemic Solution Team - Review and revise national IT development direction - Grow IT Related Businesses: R&D, Market Research, HR Development - Build up Information Architect/Data Scientist Advisors New Gen Senior
  15. 15. There Are Better Ways Everyday with the Right Information
  16. 16. Discussion