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ตลาด Cloud Computing ในประเทศไทย และ กระแสการใช้ Cloud ทั้งในภาครัฐและภาคธุรกิจ


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Presentation for Press Conference : Cloud Computing in Action

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ตลาด Cloud Computing ในประเทศไทย และ กระแสการใช้ Cloud ทั้งในภาครัฐและภาคธุรกิจ

  1. 1. ตลาด Cloud Computing ในประเทศไทยและ กระแสการใช้ Cloudทั้งในภาครัฐและภาคธุรกิจDr.Thanachart Numnonda11 June 2013
  2. 2. Mobile ComputingCloud ComputingSocial Technologies Information
  3. 3. Smartphone shipment in 2013is estimated at7.3 million units [IDC]Smartphone/Tablet Shipment 2013In 2013; 1.5 million desktops, 2.5million notebooks and 3.5 millionTablets expected to be shipped[IDC]
  4. 4. Social Network in Thailand19,400,000 usersGrowth 28%2,000,000 usersGrowth 54%603,288 usersGrowth 163%
  5. 5. Data Growth
  6. 6. Big Data Overall Revenue
  7. 7. Source : รอบรู้เรื่อง Cloud: layers of Cloud services
  8. 8. 9Source : รอบรู้เรื่อง Cloud: Models
  9. 9. Source : Forrester Research:2012
  10. 10. Source : Gartner March 2013
  11. 11. Infrastructor ProvidersIaaS ProvidersPaaS ProvidersSaaS ProvidersCloudcommunityGov.Agency
  12. 12. IaaS
  13. 13. SaaS
  14. 14. Innova Software
  15. 15. มูลค่าปี 2556 ประมาณ2,220 - 2,330 ล้านบาทหรือคิดเป็นอัตราการเติบโตประมาณ16.7% - 22.1%Cloud Market Thailand
  16. 16. Cloud Maturity Level
  17. 17. Cloud Maturity in ThailandSaaS– Most solutions are in Level 1 (Web application,but change business model)– Few are in level 3, and deploy on full cloudplatforms.– More international solutions (Salesforce,Microsoft)Users– Large free clouds consumption.– SMEs start to explore Cloud.
  18. 18. Cloud Maturity in ThailandIaaS– Most data centers are in Level 1 (Visualizationand Server Consolidation)– Some are now in Level 3– Many large enterprises focus on building aprivate cloudPaaS– No provider in Thailand– Many ISVs now migrate to Azure, Amazon
  19. 19. ACCA: Cloud Readiness Index 2012Source : Asia Cloud Computing Association: Octberber 2012
  20. 20. ACCA: Thailand Rank 13Deficiencies in infrastructure, in particular internationalconnectivity, broadband quality and power grid stability.While it scored relatively well in business sophisticationand freedom of access to information, it ranked last in datasovereignty.Recommendation: Apart from the urgent need to improvethe infrastructure, we also recommend the re-examinationof data privacy and sovereignty laws, two of its lowest-scoring indices.
  21. 21. Source : BSA GlobalCloud Computing Scorecard: Mar 2013BSA GlobalCloud Computing Scorecard
  22. 22. BSA: Thailand Rank 23Thailand has implemented comprehensive cybercrimelegislationThailand also has good laws in place for electroniccommerce and electronic signatures.has no privacy laws in place, and this is a major weakness.intellectual property laws also require significant updatingand expansion, as they do not currently cover rightsmanagement information, technical protection measures,or anti-circumvention.
  23. 23. Prediction: IaaSLarge enterprise will implement private clouds.Internet Data Center amd Telco will provide public IaaS.Expanding of 3G and broadband will booth IaaS revenue.SME will host there servers on public IaaS either local orinternational providers.Government agencies will provide their own IaaS.DRC pooling will leverage cloud IaaS.
  24. 24. Prediction: PaaSThere will be no local PaaS in Thailand.Most developers / software house in Thailand will useinternational PaaS.Revenue for PaaS from Thai consumers still low due tolack of development skills.Microsoft Azure may be the only vendor that support PaaSusers in Thailand.
  25. 25. Prediction: SaaSExplosion of smartphones/tablets in Thailand will boothSaaS demands.3G services will support usage of SaaS.Enterprise / workers will be more mobility.SMEs need more SaaS solitions.More local software companies will provide SaaSSalesforce, Google Apps, Microsft Office 365 will be majorvendors in Thailand
  26. 26. IaaS Providers•Large enterprise willimplement privateclouds.•Internet Data Centeramd Telco willprovide public IaaS.•Expanding of 3G andbroadband will boothIaaS revenue.•SME will host thereservers on publicIaaS either local orinternationalproviders.•Governmentagencies will providetheir own IaaS.•DRC pooling willleverage cloud IaaS.PaaS Providers•There will be no localPaaS in Thailand.•Most developers /software house inThailand will useinternational PaaS.•Revenue for PaaSfrom Thai consumersstill low due to lackof developmentskills.•Microsoft Azure maybe the only vendorthat support PaaSusers in Thailand.SaaS Providers•Explosion ofsmartphones/tabletsin Thailand will boothSaaS demands.•3G services willsupport usage ofSaaS.•Enterprise / workerswill be more mobility.•SMEs need moreSaaS solitions.•More local softwarecompanies willprovide SaaS•Salesforce, GoogleApps, Microsft Office365 will be majorvendors in Thailand.
  27. 27. 31Thank