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Romanian DEN Newsletter V.2


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This newsletter is for members of the Romanian DEN.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Romanian DEN Newsletter V.2

  1. 1. THE DEN AUGUST 2012HELLO AGAIN ROMANIAN EDUCATORS! Hello Romanian Educators! We’re thrilled toshare our second Romanian DEN newsletter. As wementioned in the first edition, we are excited thatyou are interested in joining the Discovery Educator To join the group, log in to andNetwork (DEN). The DEN Community is all about create an account. Then, on the left side of theconnecting educators to their most valuable screen, find the Groups section. Click on Join andresource...each other. Sharing ideas, resources, and when prompted, enter the group code – 80p2ff.teaching practices to help everyone become better Once you’ve done this, you’ll be in the group and willteachers is our main goal. Our Romanian DEN be able to both read the information shared byEdmodo group needs more members! We have others as well as post your own information. Thiscreated a this group especially for you. know you’ll online group will help facilitate plenty offind this group valuable and hope you join soon! conversation. We will use Edmodo as a way to communicate more learning opportunities.CONGRATULATIONS CATALIN! Catalin Ciupala was our lucky sweepstakes winner and just returned from the DEN Summer Institute (DENSI) in Bozeman, Montana. There, he participated in six days of professional development with DEN members across North America. Catalin is a high school math teacher who teaches a variety of math topics including algebra, geometry and mathematical analysis. He’s been teaching for 14 years and loves it because he stays in touch with youth. When he’s not teaching, he likes to read, especially about science, go hiking and biking, and take photographs. Catalin plans to share the information he’s learned with others via face to face conversations, Edmodo, and email. 1]
  2. 2. STEM SPOTLIGHT CONNECTHere’s a great resource from one of our Discovery partners to supportScience, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. The DEN is all about connections. We feelSiemens STEM Academy - Teacher Resources connected educators are better educators and when it comes to social media, we have our bases covered. Connect with us via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest. Simply click on the icons below. GET STARTED WITH BLOGGINGBlogs are great ways to communicate information. The DEN blogs are one our favorite ways to share information with others. Whether you wantto share what’s happening in your classroom or your favorite websites andresources, putting together a blog might be the way to go. There are a lotof options available, but the most popular are probably Blogger (fromGoogle), WordPress, and Posterous. Below are a few tutorials/resourcesto help you get started.• Blogger - Getting started• Learn• Getting Started with PosterousIf you start your own blog, please share it with others. Use the Edmodogroup as a great way to get the word out about your new blog. SHARE YOUR IDEAS Do you have an idea or something to share for the newsletter? Wouldyou like to see something in particular included here? Send an email withyour information to: 2]
  3. 3. TIPS FROM THE DEN TEAMIn each newsletter, we’d like to share some of our favorite free sites and resources with you. Ginny Washburne - Ginny likes Bubbl because its an easy way to brainstorm by creating a concept map. This easy to use tool is great for creating mindmaps that can be printed out and shared with others. Its also great to use on an interactive whiteboard. Steve Dembo - Everyone loves an infographic, and this site lets you create them really quickly.  Lots of clip art and themes, just add your data and create. Porter Palmer- AudioPal - This tool is great for recording audio by either microphone or phone. You can upload the mp3 files and embed the file in any website or blog. Create podcasts and audiobooks or record your students oral reading to check fluency. There are plenty of ways to use AudioPal. Chad Lehman- A Google A Day - Each day Google shares a puzzle. There’s no right way to solve it, but there is one right answer. Use your creativity and thinking skills to come up with the answer to the daily challenge. Jannita Demian- I have found that students usually take great pride in sharing their work with an audience.  If an audience is what they want, I say give them the world!  With VoiceThread teachers and/or students can post images and videos and others can leave text, audio, or video comments. You can translate this newsletter to Romanian using Google Translate at:  3]