Romanian DEN Newsletter #4


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The October edition of the Ro

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Romanian DEN Newsletter #4

  1. 1. THE DEN OCT. 2012ROMANIAN FALL VIRTUAL CONFERENCE EVENT Mark your calendars for October 20th. TheDiscovery Educator Network Fall Virtual Conferencewill take place that day and we are excited to sharean opportunity for you to gather with otherRomanian educators. At the event, you’ll have anopportunity to view one of the sessions from theconference, learn about the Discovery EducatorNetwork, and hear from Catalin Ciupala, a Romanian VIP Hall, Grand Cinema Digiplex,educator who traveled to the United States this past in Baneasa Shopping CityJuly for the DEN Summer Institute. He’ll share some October 20, 3:30 - 6:00 pmof the highlights from his trip and how getting Register using the link below:connected with other educators can be a benefit for teachers. We hope you can attend. romaniandeneventDISCOVERY STREAMING INTERNATIONAL We are thrilled to announce that educators who have signed up for the Romanian DEN will have accessto Discovery Education STREAMING International. This product offers a variety of educational content,including videos, images, and more that engages students, is easy to integrate, and is always current. Youcan create accounts for your students so they can use it at home. You can use DE STREAMINGInternational in your classroom as much as you’d like. You will receive, in a separate email, details aboutthe service, including how to create your account. We will also be offering tips on using the service and willshare features of the site so you can make the most out of the subscription.
  2. 2. STEM SPOTLIGHT CONNECTHere’s a great resource to support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Connect with us viaMath (STEM) education. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Edmodo,PBS Teachers - STEM Education Resource Center and Pinterest. Simply click on the icons below. AROUND THE WEB High school educator ESPN Sport Science Richard Byrne shares this videos are great for great post about Mudd examining the science and Math Fun Facts, a great math behind various site to help expose sporting activities and students to higher order events. math concepts. Did you know a group of STAR Discovery Educator Finnish teachers wrote an David Andrade shares 10 entire math textbook over Important Skills Students the weekend? This post Need for the Future. This shares information on how is a great list every it was done. Can you see teacher should read. Are yourself doing something there other skills you’d like this? add to the list?
  3. 3. TIPS FROM THE DEN TEAMIn each newsletter, we’d like to share some of our favorite free sites and resources with you. Kyle Schutt- Kyle likes this site because it’s great for creating a variety of infographics. You can also browse the extensive catalogs as well as sharing what you’ve created. Steve Dembo - Earth and Sky - This is a great site to learn more about science and astronomy. Earth and Sky is a great place for pictures and interactive features for all students. You can also see daily maps of the night sky and podcasts explaining scientific features of the sky. Chad Lehman- Science Niblits - This site describes and explains scientific topics that confront our everyday lives. The topics can be about natural phenomena, physics of sports, biology and life science, or the physics behind standard devices. Porter Palmer- - is a content curation service. It allows you to create "newspapers" that are emailed to you daily based on topics you like. You can have it automatically add content from sites like Twitter or any other site you find on the Internet. You get a link to your daily paper so that others can subscribe to it. SHARE YOUR IDEAS Do you have an idea or something to share for the newsletter? Would you like to see something in particular included here? Send an email with your information to: You can translate this newsletter to Romanian using Google Translate at: