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This is the first newsletter sent to Romanian educators from the Discovery Educ

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Rom den#1

  1. 1. THE DEN JUNE 2012HELLO ROMANIAN EDUCATORS! Hello Romanian Educators! We are happy that you areinterested in joining the Discovery Educator Network (DEN).The DEN Community is all about connecting educators totheir most valuable resource...each other. We love to share We have created an online group in Edmodo,ideas and teaching practices to help everyone become specifically for those involved in sharing with the DENbetter educators. We have created a Romanian DEN, members in Romania. To join the group, log in towithin our larger DEN Community, especially for you to help and create an account. Then, on theencourage the sharing of ideas and resources. We will left side of the screen, find the Groups section. Click onperiodically send out email updates, similar to this one, Join and when prompted, enter the group code – 80p2ff.informing you of upcoming opportunities for you, ways to Once you’ve done this, you’ll be in the group and will beconnect with others, and to simply share great ideas and able to both read the information shared by others as wellresources. We hope you find it helpful. as post your own information. This online group will help facilitate plenty of conversation. We will use Edmodo as a way to communicate more learning opportunities.PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES Our Discovery Educator Network blog is full of great resources and teaching ideas. Members of the DEN Team as well as DEN members from across the world share their thoughts and ideas with others. We encourage you to visit the site often because several blog posts are shared daily and we don’t want you missing out on some of the great information available to educators. The Discovery Education YouTube Channel has a number of videos to enhance your teaching. Many of the presentations DEN Members have given are archived on the site. Discovery Education Webinars We offer a number of free webinars for educators. The topics vary widely, but there’s plenty to meet the needs of most educators. Also, check out our archived webinars! 1]
  2. 2. We have asked five special DEN Members CONNECT to help you get started with the Discovery Educator Network. As soon as you sign up for the Edmodo group, you’ll see posts from these people and will have a chance to connect to ask questions and share The DEN is all about resources. These five people are not only wonderful educators, but they connections. We feel also know what it takes to be a successful member of the DEN connected educators Community. We know they will be a great resource for you as well. are better educators Here’s a little information about each of them. and when it comes to social media, we have our bases covered. • Jeannine  Shields  –  -­‐  Jeannine  (Neene)   Connect with us via Shields  is  an  Instruc<onal  Technology  Facilitator  in  Westchester,   Twitter, Facebook, NY. Google Plus, and • Conni  Mulligan  –  -­‐  Conni  is  an   Pinterest. Simply click Instruc<onal  Technology  Facilitator  for  Buncombe  County   on the icons below. Schools  in  Asheville,  North  Carolina.   • Renee  Henderson  –  -­‐  Renee  is  an   Instruc<onal  Technology  Specialist  for  Prince  Georges  County   Public  Schools  in  Maryland.     • Judy  Uhrig  –  -­‐  Judy  is  the  Media   Coordinator  for  Diggs-­‐Latham  Elementary  School  for  Arts  and   Global  Studies  in  Winston-­‐Salem,  NC.  She  works  with  students  in pre-­‐K  through  5th  Grade. • Cynthia  Treichler  –  -­‐  Cynthia  is  a   high  school  Social  Studies  teacher  from  Northern  Virginia.    She   teaches  12th  grade  AP  Macroeconomics,  12th  grade  US/VA   Government,  and  9th  grade  Pre-­‐AP  World  History  I.STEM SPOTLIGHT’s a great resource from one of our Discovery partners to supportScience, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. Science of Everyday Life 2]
  3. 3. TIPS FROM THE TEAMIn each newsletter, we’d like to share some of our favorite free sites and resources with you. Lance Rougeux - Yasiv is a visualization tool from that shows similar book recommendations based on ‘Customers who bought this also bought...’ data. Enter a book title and you’ll see other books users enjoyed as well. Its’ a great way for your students to find other books they might like to read. Steve Dembo- Class Dojo is a website that allows you to track student behavior, both positive and negative and provide both students and parents with real-time feedback. This is a great way to keep students on task. Porter Palmer- Porter loves to use Pinterest to keep ideas organized and to share what she’s found with others. This is one of many great social networking sites that can help connect people and their ideas. Start by checking out our DEN Pinterest page at Chad Lehman- Guess the Wordle is a great activity to challenge yourself. Each day, there is a new Wordle and you have to guess what the topic is based on the clues given. Ginny Washburne- Ginny likes this site because there are thought-provoking videos that make her think and reflect on teaching and learning. She also likes using the videos to facilitate discussions. You can translate this newsletter to Romanian using Google Translate at: 3]