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  1. 1. Evidence of Globalization in Philadelphia by Ian McClendonWednesday, May 30, 12
  2. 2. Culture The Perlman Building is apart of the Art Museum and was converted from an Insurance building to an office building and storage space for extra artwork. Several years ago a decision was made to open the Perlman to the public, as another option for people to tour all types of international art. From historic fashion design to artifacts to modern sculptures, the Perlman is an electric mix to see. The Perlman, like all museums, represents influences of meeting cultures throughout time and to present. All the changes throughout the eras are shown here, with symbolism and significance.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  3. 3. Security and Terrorism The Philadelphia Police Department consists of 6600 sworn members and 800 civilian personnel. They serve and protect in active duty covering 140-miles where 1.5 million people reside. From the homicidal statistics produced by the Philadelphia Police each year, a report is sent to the FBI along with every other community’s police/security force’s statistics. From this data, one can find out where the most dangerous places are, city to state, and of course the safest as well. This information can be considered representative of our nation, and other nations from first to third world, who have their own statistics on homicide, taken by the security/police force of Philadelphia.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  4. 4. Politics / International Law, Organizations The Eastern State Penitentiary is the world’s first prison to be designed by the idea of having every prisoner feel true regret and remorse for their crimes. This is why the the prison is called a “Penitentiary”. It was the most expensive thing constructed at the time and claims to be the most famous prison in the world. This prison’s aim was to have each man leave with a change of heart. This prison was created in 1829 and stood as a model worldwide for 300 other prisons built. Now it is known as a hot-spot tourist attraction, and a monument to morality.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  5. 5. Society, Culture, and Gender This field is known as Vaughn Colen Field, commonly known as the “baseball field”. Here youth from t- ball to junior league baseball & softball play here. The t-ball league is for boys and girls, since at ages four to six there aren’t any physical advantages to make playing unfair. From eight and onward begins the division of baseball and softball. Girls play softball, a game that just like baseball only changed a bit for gender reasons, as in they play with a bigger ball that has softer material. These games are played internationally, and bring families and friends together to enjoy and relax outside. It is also a bonding tool for parents and children.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  6. 6. Economy / Trade Philadelphia’s economy was originally about manufacturing goods , but since World War 2 the industries relocated to the suburbs. Philadelphia’s economy has shifted since then to be more modern, as in working with information service providers, computer-based business, insurance, telecommunication, publishing, and tourism. There is a development of sophisticated industries to uplift Philadelphia’s economy. There is a focus on creating more research institutions, pharmaceutical firms, medical schools, and hospitals. Most of the development right now is in industries making medical instruments to supply the latter. Since this city is on the East, there is a lot of traffic coming through transporting cargo up and down the coast.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  7. 7. Human Rights America is known to be a refuge for people leaving their homeland due to hardships. Immigrants have a higher tendency to call home in cities, since it is cheaper to live. Majority of these people do not have English as their first language, and must learn it as they go along. Nation-wide movements try to help immigrants locally as they settle and begin a new life. For example, EWSOL (a language-assistance program in public schools in Philadelphia) helps their children learn English so they have an opportunity in American education and careers to better their future. Philadelphia has other public programs to help assist people and their children, to keep the promise of a better future.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  8. 8. Society, Culture, Gender Obesity is a global epidemic, commonly known as “globesity”. Since 2000, it was recorded there were over 300 million obese adults. The biggest example is in the United States, where obesity is now seen as one of many leading threat to the citizens. Now, in modern times of everything booming, so is the effort to be healthy. In the media and stores, healthy dieting and exercise are the most common slogans. Society is saying all people are encouraged to be active and in control, no matter what gender, age, or creed.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  9. 9. Education Public schools in Philadelphia are very culturally diverse places. There are many ethnicities, languages, creeds, and traditions meeting for one purpose: to learn. Globally it is said that the best tool a person can be equipped with is education. Whether it’s just a degree or an actual interest in knowledge, education and literacy are considered very important worldwide. No matter which hemisphere or culture, even the under-developed societies understand that an education is what’s needed to make money. An education is believed to give a person security in having a job and shelter and food to eat. They and their families will have success if educated.Wednesday, May 30, 12