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Living Letters Mob Flier May 2010


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Living Letters church mobilization flier May 2010 edition. Article on Day of Prayer and Fasting.

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Living Letters Mob Flier May 2010

  1. 1. MAY 2010 living letters stories from the Great Commission hot topic The whir of the cappuccino conversations, Carl and his wife’s new machine doesn’t distract the group friends left to serve overseas but not of regulars at Carl’s coffee shop. before they gave him the biggest tip They’ve come for more than a lei- of his life: a Bible. Within a few months surely latte. The Bible is their focus. of studying it and attending a Baptist Carl* doesn’t mind their table time. church, Carl and his wife accepted After all, some Christians changed his Christ. So did two of their three life forever in a matter of weeks. children. As a young Muslim in Lebanon, Back in Carl’s shop, both believers Carl had a hard time making sense of and skeptics are welcome inside and his country’s civil war in the name of with good reason. religion. Two of his friends died when “You never know who you are touch- a bomb blew up in a park. Fleeing to ing,” Carl said. “I’m a good example that Jordan and then to the U.S., Carl read you can touch somebody from Islam.” about Islam and other faiths. He had See the Summer edition of CommissionStories and lots of questions, but few answers until for the full story. Commission Stories print magazine is offered free. Call (800) 999-3113 some Christians visited his shop. option 3, or visit to subscribe. After several weeks’ worth of * Names changed
  2. 2. because you prayed What happens when believers pray? Plenty to celebrate! In 1991, Christians worldwide began observing an annual Day of Prayer & Fasting for World Evangelization on Pentecost. Like a morning star rising, those early prayers for China’s Zhuang people set in motion fantastic works of God’s mighty hand. In 1995, prayers focused on Mongolia, and today about 45,000 believers and more than 400 churches dot its countryside. The following year, Christians lifted the Buddhist stronghold of Tibet. That harvest included 19 churches and more than 600 believers. Your prayers have also netted increased Gospel access among Persians of Iran, the Bhutanese of Bhutan, the Lingayats and the Sikhs of India, the Tuareg of Africa and the Chinese. More recently, God’s handiwork is among the Udmurts of Russia. In less than two years, God has worked in the hearts of two couples and sent them to be students in Udmurtia. While they are there, they’ll share the love of God with the people they meet. One Udmurt believer has already been deeply affected by your prayers. “When I heard that America was praying for Udmurt people, I felt like I wanted to hug and to kiss you all,” exclaimed Tatiana Berfilova, speaking through her translator. Be part of this year’s Day of Prayer & Fasting for World Evangelization, May 23. atheist touched by miracle Danny McDermott was an atheist in Tucson, Ariz., when neighbor and North American Mission Board missionary Ben Barfield invited him to a Bible study. He came, but only because his wife made him; he needed a miracle to believe. That miracle came when his daughter, Bobbi, defied doctors by surviving birth — and ultimately living 18 months. Today as fellow believers serving in Ben’s new church, the McDermotts continue to celebrate their dual miracles. They look forward to one day seeing Bobbi again, together. Contact us for a free subscription. • (800) 999-3113 IMB and NAMB are supported by the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®, respectively, and the Southern Baptist Convention’s Cooperative Program. Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering are registered trademarks of WMU®. PP 1846M 12/09 P5889-2