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Prezi basic manual I


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Prezi basic manual I

  1. 1. In this guide you will learn:What is Prezi?How to register?Create a new presentation.The most basic buttons.Add elements to my presentation.Save my presentation.
  2. 2. Prezi is a tool that we can use to createpresentations. Unlike Power Pointpresentations, Prezi presentations are not linear(it means, we are not going slide by slide) but wework on a single slide or table and we movethrough it using zooms.
  3. 3. To get startedwe have to signup on the
  4. 4. To display the page in English, go to the bottom of the screen and select the language.
  5. 5. After clicking the button "Sign up" we have toselect thelicense.I will choosethe freelicense  Click there
  6. 6. Fill in all the fields.
  7. 7. Now that we have completed theregistration, we can start creating our first presentation.
  8. 8. Next, we will see this window:
  9. 9. We will see a new window with some Templates, select one.
  10. 10. I have I have chosen the blank template, in thefollowing slides we will show the most basic use of this tool.Remember that this isnt Power Point, here all the information is showed in a single "slide", and later we will choose the way that it should be displayed. Read on, and see how its much easier than it seems.
  11. 11. Lets show it step by step. All the tools are there
  12. 12. Nota you move the mouse cursor over the buttons, you will see an informative dialog box, showing you the useful of each That yellow label is an informative dialog box. button. Undo and redo Print Preview of our creationSave and Exit
  13. 13. To get started in Prezi we have to create elements thatwill contain the information. First we must choose what type of element it will be: Text Image YouTube video
  14. 14. If you click over the giant“+” in the middle of the screen, you will see the Place here your text Accept next: Text inside Insert a a circle YouTube video Delete Text Insert inside a image square
  15. 15. Choose the item that you want, in my case "text inside a circle", and click the "Accept" button. You will see the next: Can you see the small “1”? It means that this will be thefirst item to be displayed in our presentation. Later I willexplain more about this topic.
  16. 16. Do double-click Options to text alignment and text colorinside the circle to add text. You will see thefollowing options... When you have finished, click here. If you want to move the text, choose a line and a hand Siwill appearmover lefttexto, selecciona una línea y quieres on the el of it. You can use the hand to aparecerá una manita the text. permitirá moverlo. move que te
  17. 17. Create a second item… If you click the “+ add” button you can add another item that you can customize exactly same that the first item. Remember when we have pressed the giant “+”! The new item has a “2”, it will be the item that will appear in the second position. Have in mind that you can change the order :)
  18. 18. 1 2 Accept! Search it in internet I select an image or from your for the second computer item 3
  19. 19. Save and exit You will se the main screen of your Prezi. If you click the “play” button you can see your first presentation!
  20. 20. Good Job! Work saved and ready to continue soon in the next manual. Now is time to practice and practice by yourself, trying to apply the knowledge learned in this manual. Don’t hurry up, mastery requires practice!
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