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Tropical Paradise?


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Most postcards on Guam show only beauty but that is only a half-truth.

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Tropical Paradise?

  1. 1. Sunsets…
  2. 2. Paradise
  3. 3. Beaches
  4. 4. Most postcards on Guam depict the beaches as a tropical paradise…
  5. 5. cigarettes But not a clean one.
  6. 6. Styrofoam plates
  7. 7. Beer bottles, cans, and Styrofoam cups
  8. 8. Images on postcards are fragmented knowledge. Most postcards are only one viewpoint
  9. 9. The photographer chooses what the audience shall see. Half-truths Half-lies
  10. 10. What the photographer chooses not to show is how trash peppers the beaches of Guam.
  11. 11. But people sure love to hangout at beaches.
  12. 12. Although it seems that people on Guam don’t care.
  13. 13. Make the half-truths into full ones… Don’t let the trash lie.
  14. 14. Tropical Paradise? By Liz Imasa
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