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Types of Data Visualization - Imarticus Learning


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Types of Data Visualization - Imarticus Learning

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Types of Data Visualization - Imarticus Learning

  1. 1. Types of Data Visualization
  2. 2. Types of Data Visualization Scientific Visualization Information Visualization Visual Analytics • Structural Data • Seismic, Medical • No inherent structure • News, stock market, top grossing movies, facebook connections • Use visualization to understand and synthesize • Large amounts of multimodal data
  3. 3. Scientific Visualization
  4. 4. Information Visualization
  5. 5. Visual Analytics • Integration of interactive visualization with analysis techniques to answer a growing range of questions in science, business, and analysis. • Making sense of multimodal data -audio clips, video, photographs, and transcripts.
  6. 6. Ancient Map of Bidar, Karnataka
  7. 7. Impact of Visualization Huge impact on policy, planning and disaster avoidance. Florence Nightingale’s visualization of casualties during the Crimean War
  8. 8. Hurricane Visualizations For The Common man Demo
  9. 9. Impact of Visualization Adapted and Used By • and • “Testimony” in Swahili – Conflict Management Developed to map user reported violence in Kenya after the post-election fallout at the beginning of 2008
  10. 10. The Types Of Visualization
  11. 11. Thank you Mumbai | Thane | Pune | Bangalore | Delhi - NCR | Hyderabad | Chennai | Coimbatore ACCREDITED TRAINING PARTNER: Contact